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Fix White Screen of Death on Win­dows 10 with these 6 Rectifications


Fix White Screen of Death on Win­dows 10 issue with this tutorial. Windows 10 one of the most professionally used operating systems ever introduced. If someone is working on the computer and faced a minor issue or bug then it is easy to solve. But, if the issue is like Windows 10 Blue Screen of death or, Windows 10 White Screen of Death then your computer will be dead until repair. If you can’t see the display then you can do nothing.

One thing is confirmed that if the Blue Screen of death occurs then it can take a day or maybe more to solve. The white screen of death on Windows 10 is relatively easy to solve. It usually appears when you turn on the Laptop after hours. Or, continuously using Laptop. It is easy to solve because it is a temporary error if there is a software malfunction.

Note: For Hardware malfunction, users need to visit the nearby expert technician. It’s better to visit the Laptop’s company official shop. They can do more favor against less cost.


How to Fix White Screen of Fix White Screen of Death on Win­dows 10

Here are the 6 possible solution to fix the white screen of death on Windows 10. Again, we want to say these solution are related to software issues only. We can’t deal with the hardware issues virtually.

No matter either the device is a smartphone or Laptop and what is the operating system? The most basic solution is to restart the device.

Force Reboot PC

The first solution is to reboot the computer forcibly. You are not getting a display on Laptop, it means you can’t follow the procedure of recommended rebooting.

  1. Press and hold the power button on your Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop.
  2. Leave the button when all lights are off on the PC and you hear the shutter down sound.

Again press the power button and you will the display is working fine now. The White screen of death is no more.

Update the Graphics Drivers

If the display is relevant to any software component then that are graphic drivers. To let the computer display keep working is without any pause, it is necessary to keep the graphic drivers up to date. Here is the procedure to update graphic drivers on Windows 10. You can get rid of the Windows 10 White screen of death in this way.

Right-click on the Windows icon on your computer.

Select the Device Manager from the menu.

Locate the Display adapters option and click on the down arrow icon beside it to expand the list.

Fix White Screen of Death Windows 10

Now you will see the display drivers that are currently present on your computer. Right-click on each driver and press the Update driver option.

Fix White Screen of Death Windows 10

Now select how you like to get your graphic drivers installed.

  • Search Automatically for Drivers (online)
  • Browse my computer for Drivers (Offline)

Let the update process complete and after that reboot your computer to apply the changes.

PC Safe Mode:

If the drivers are up to date and still Windows 10 WSOD appears then you need to run your computer in Safe Mode. Here’s how you can start Windows 10 Computer in Safe Mode.

Launch the Windows “Run”, press the Windows + R button.

Type the command “msconfig” on the Windows Run, press enter.

Fix White Screen of Death Windows 10

On the System Configuration window, select the Boot option. And then, Scroll down and check the Safe boot button.

Fix White Screen of Death Windows 10

Users who want to use any network connection during the Safe Mode must check the “Network” option.

Complete the process by pressing the OK and Apply tabs to update the changes.

Now Restart your computer to launch it in Safe Mode.

Unplug External Devices

If anyone of you has connected the external device like USB, HardDrive, or inserted a DVD drive, you need to unplug the device immediately. Maybe the device you connected is corrupted or broken which causing the malfunction. There is a strong chance that an external device is causing the Windows 10 White Screen of death.

Check the Latest Windows 10 version

That’s the second last thing that can fix the White Screen of Death on Windows 10. This is not just for Windows only in fact every OS users have to keep the version up to date.

Fix White Screen of Death on Win­dows 10

The latest version of Windows 10 is a must for smooth operation. If you didn’t update Windows 10 to the latest version quickly do it. This will surely fix the White Screen of Death on Windows 10.

Uninstall the Last Update

Before the repair ship, this is the last thing you can do it yourself. Check out the update history on your computer. Here, you will see the list of recent Windows Update on Laptop/Desktop. You need to uninstall the last update form where the White Screen of Death issue has started.

  1. Click on the Windows Button and then select the Settings icon.
  2. Click on the Windows Update and Security.
    Fix White Screen of Death on Win­dows 10
  3. Select the View update history.
  4. You will see an uninstall updates option, select that.
    Fix White Screen of Death Windows 10
  5. Select the most recent update before the WSOD Windows 10 issue. Right-click on the update and then select Uninstall.

Now you need to restart your computer. Windows 10 will take time to restore back to the previous version.

If these all solutions got failed to fix the White Screen of Death on Windows issue, then you have to go nearby Laptop repair shop. Because all remedies failure confirm that the issue is related to Laptop/Desktop Hardware.

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