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How to Fix Tower of Fantasy High Ping Issue [2022]

  • Here, I will discuss methods to fix Tower of Fantasy High Ping.
  • Tower of Fantasy is a TPS battle royale game available on Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • Seems like many players are unable to load the game, because of high ping usage.

Players are aware of the fact that Tower of Fantasy downloads data while launching. It connects a player with the game servers, to help him connect with global players. But in cases when the servers are not responding or the internet connection is poor, players start to receive high ping issues.

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In such a case scenario, gamers should be patient and give some time for the game to connect them with the right servers. It may take a minute or so, to complete this task. But if it’s taking so long, perform the drafted workarounds to fix this problem.


How Do I Fix Tower of Fantasy High Ping?

Tower of Fantasy High Ping

A good internet connection and game servers should be alive-n-kicking all the time, to help you connect with global servers. But there can be other reasons that would interrupt your connection to keep you stuck with the startup loop. In such a case, you should perform the following methods one by one.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Examine Server Status

If you are facing a high ping issue on Tower of Fantasy, the first thing you need to do is to check the game’s server status. Because if the game’s servers aren’t responding well from the backend, you will not be allowed to connect with them at any cost.

So consult with platforms like DownDetector to check the current status of Apex Legends servers. In case the servers are responding correctly and you are still unable to connect with them, try out the other workarounds to bypass this problem.

Check and Troubleshoot Your Network

Always ensure that your smartphone is connected with a fully working internet connection. If are unsure of the nature of the connected network, you can consult with websites like speedtest.net to complete such a task.

And if you are notified about a slow internet connection (less than 25Mbps), try performing a power cycle of your router. To do so, turn off your router and remove all cables from it. Now, after waiting for 30 seconds, attach all the cables to your router and turn it back on.

Update Tower of Fantasy

Always ensure that Tower of Fantasy is updated to the latest version. The developers keep providing the batch files for gamers, who are unable to facilitate themselves with the upgraded services. So you need to visit the perspective stores, like Google Play or App Store, to install the pending game updates.

Clear Tower of Fantasy Cache

A glitched cache memory can be very problematic, it can cause lots of performance issues. For your best interest, you should clean the cache memory from time-to-time, to keep the Tower of Fantasy performance good.

1. Long-tap on the Tower of Fantasy and select App Info

2. Go to the Storage and Cache menu.

3. Tap on the Clear Cache button.

Try Game Boosters

Many smartphones come with built-in game boosters, these boosters help gamers clear some space for games like Tower of Fantasy. They clear some devices’ RAM by putting the unwanted background processes to sleep.

So if you own smartphones from brands like Oppo, Realme, or OnePlus, you should enable Game Boosters to keep up with the game’s requirements. As if your device doesn’t have any default game booster, do install one from the app store.

Avoid Using VPN Services

IP Masking can be very tricky, especially when you are trying to connect with the global servers. It would be best to not use a VPN while launching Tower of Fantasy. Because then, the game’s algorithms would be confused and may be unable to connect you with the right server.

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