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How to Fix Terraria Multiplayer Not Working [2022]


Terraria Multiplayers played a key role in the game’s success. Alot of users play this game for its multiplayer mode. This game is a Sandbox game developed by the Re-Logic. It was released in 2016 for Windows and later you were able to play Terraria on Linux as well. This game is all about exploration, crafting, building, painting, and combats, just like you do in Minecraft and classic Super Mario. This game is a randomly scenario-generating game.

Terraria Multiplayer mode is stable because the game is not so high-end, your PC easily supports it. But, if there is a mess with an internet connection or the game servers then many issues can arise. For example, Terraria Multiplayer not working is the most common issue. So, are writing down the solutions to fix the Terraria Multiplayer error.

How Do I Fix Terraria Multiplayer Not Working?

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There can be several reasons why Terraria Multiplayer Not Working. Players need to consider the possibilities like game servers are down, the game Client isn’t working, or their configured DNS servers aren’t responding well with the game. So here, I will discuss all the possible solutions to bypass this error.

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Restart Game Client

If you are playing Terraria on Windows PC, you should exit the game as well as the game launcher. Launchers like EA Client, Origin Client, and Steam can be problematic. So what you need to do is to relaunch your game launcher and Terraria on your computer.

Delete Config.BLK

Some high-end games like Terraria store their data within config, the game’s data is stored in the shape of text, which is used by the system to improve the game’s performance. But in case of any corruption encountered in the config.blk file, users are unable to launch their game or connect with the servers. So it’s a long shot to delete the config.blk, but it’s worth a try.

1. Press the Win + E keys to launch the Windows Explorer

2. Navigate to the “C:\WarThunder\” folder destination.

3. Locate and delete the config.blk file.

4. Take all of the saved user skins out of the Terraria folder.

5. Now, open the launcher and click on the Settings icon from the top right corner.

6. Click on the Check files button and wait until the downloading process is completed.

7. Afterward, launch Terraria and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Repair Terraria Files

If you are playing Terraria on Steam, you should verify the integrity of the game’s files. Because this action can be resourceful in fixing any corruption caused due to malware.

1. Open the Steam client and go to the Library section.

2. Right-click on Terraria and select Properties

3. Navigate to the Local Files section and click on the “Verify the integrity of game files” button.

4. Once the process is completed, relaunch Steam.

Disable VPN

Many players have enabled VPN services to modify their actual IP, so they can claim various rewards and connect with global servers. Such users should also be aware of the fact that Gaijin Entertainment has added algorithms that can detect VPN connections and restrict the ones who are trying to connect with the in-game servers. So it would be better to not use a VPN while playing Terraria.

Configure DNS Servers

By default, your DNS servers are not fully configured. Even if you are playing Terraria on a computer, you can customize the DNS address and set it to the Google DNS server’s address (for best performance).

1. Launch Control Panel from the Start menu

2. Navigate to Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center

3. Select Change Adapter Settings from the left pane

4. Right-click on the connected network and select Properties

5. Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and click on Properties

6. Select the Use the following DNS server addresses bullet and enter the following values:
i. Preffered DNS server:
ii. Alternatve DNS server:

7. Click on the Ok button and relaunch War Thunder.

Reinstall Terraria

As a last resort, if you are still unable to launch Terraria, you should try to reinstall it by following the proper channel. You should open Windows Settings and navigate to the Apps section.

From there, select Terraria and click on the Uninstall button. Once the game is uninstalled, reboot your Windows PC and install the latest version of the game.

Ask your friends to send an invitation link

You need to ask your friend on Terraria to send you the invitation link. Once he or she sent you the invitation link try to join the game again. Maybe this time Terraria Multiplayer mode will work fine.

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