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Fix: Samsung S22 Ultra Black Screen of Death [2022]


In this post, I will talk about some fixes to the Samsung S22 Ultra Black Screen of Death.

So if you are facing this issue in Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, or S22 Ultra, keep reading the rest of this article.

As it would help you in identifying the right ways of making your smartphone free of BSoD.

Samsung S22 Ultra Black Screen of Death

Allow me to help you acknowledge some reasons behind this error.

It can be triggered due to a fault in the system software or because of some corruption in the hardware.

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But Samsung S22 Ultra is the latest flagship smartphone, so I would say the higher chances are that the problem is from the software side.

How Do I Fix Samsung S22 Ultra Black Screen of Death?

Users should consider the two possible scenarios before getting to the part of fixing BSoD on Samsung S22 devices. They should be aware of the fact that either their system’s files are corrupted or their hardware has started to respond laggy. So by considering both these cases, I present the following troubleshooting workarounds.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Force Restart S22 Ultra

In cases like when your Samsung S22 device gets frozen or BSoD starts appearing, you should consider performing a force restart.

This action is quite helpful for individuals who get stuck while performing any activity on their Samsung Galaxy devices.

1. While facing BSoD, long-press the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously.

2. Wait until the mobile restarts.

3. After the Samsung logo starts appearing on the screen, release the buttons and let the S22 Ultra reboot without any interupption.

Recharge Battery

The battery draining issue is common among the latest smartphones.

So in most cases, the battery gets drained out of the blue, and a user starts facing difficulty in keeping up with Samsung Galaxy Device.

In that case scenario, a user should ensure that his device’s battery is recharged enough, that it could launch with a power backup.

So my suggestion is that you should recharge your S22 Ultra device by about 20% and then power it on.

And if it’s powering on correctly, it was simply a battery drain issue that’s now resolved and you don’t need to worry anymore.

Change Battery

Maybe your device’s battery has gone rogue and that’s why you keep getting troubled by the Black Screen of Death.

But first, you need to check whether it’s charging or not, and if it’s not charging, you should consult with the nearest Samsung Store.

I wouldn’t recommend you go to any other technician, because only the Samsung technicians know to bypass any issues that you are encountering with the hardware of S22 Ultra.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix Samsung S22 Ultra Black Screen of Death, at it’DailyTech.

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