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Fix Pokémon Go Crashing on iPhone [2022]


In this post, I will be telling you how to Fix Pokémon Go Crashing on iPhone.

This guide is only for iOS devices, you can try these same solutions on iPad and iPad Touch.

Let’s move on and I will tell you what causes the Pokemon Go crashing issue on iPhone.


Causes of Pokémon Go Crashing on iPhone:

There are many reasons which can lead up to Pokemon Go crashing on a smartphone.

I believe that Pokemon Go is played by millions of people around the world. Since it is the only augmented reality game available.

Sometimes, their servers get overloaded, a new update is rolled out and the load is un-bearable.

Maybe your internet is not working properly, a new update is available yet you are running an old one.

You are using a low-end device that doesn’t support Pokemon Go.

Make sure that you are using the latest iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

It is possible that you are using a Jailbreak device to play Pokemon Go and that’s why it is crashing.

These were the major possibilities that can cause Pokemon Go crashing on iPhone.

Now let’s start fixing this issue.

Quick Ways to fix Pokémon Go Crashing on iPhone, iPad:

These are the possible most common solutions that can fix Pokemon Go Crashing on iPhones and iPad. I have seen tons of users saying that they tried the following solutions and it worked for them. But not all the time and not for everyone.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Check for iPhone Compatibility

Fix Pokemon Go Crashing

You should keep in mind that not all iPhones are compatible with Pokemon GO. They have minimum requirements, your iPhone should meet the minimum requirements. Before anyone can start playing Pokemon Go on iPhone.

You can check the minimum requirements for Pokemon Go on their official website or you can read the following.

• iPhone 5S or Later.

• iOS 10 or Later.

• Location Services must be enabled

• iPhone should not be jailbroken.

• iOS Beta is not compatible with Pokemon Go.

Changing the Region

Fix Pokemon Go Crashing

This Tip was given by a Reddit user. You can fix Pokemon Go Crashing on your iPhone by Changing the Region. Let me show you how you can easily Chang the Region on your iPhone.

• iOS 14 or Newer: App Store > Profile icon > Tap on Apple ID Profile name > Country/Region > Change Country.

• iOS 13 or Older: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Country/Region > Change the Country/Region.

Fix #1: Update Pokemon Go & iPhone Software:

This is the first thing you should check and do. Check your iPhone Software, you should be running the latest iOS.

The same goes with Pokemon Go, you need to make sure that you are running the updated version of Pokemon Go.

Pokémon Go Crashing
Pokémon Go Crashing

To Update iPhone:

• Open Settings > General > Software Update.

To Update Pokemon Go:

• App Store > Tap on Profile Icon > Check for Pokemon Go Update.

Fix #2: Force quit the app and launch again Pokémon Go:

Pokémon Go Crashing
Pokémon Go Crashing

If Pokemon Go keeps on crashing on your iPhone. You need to force quit the app and launch again Pokémon Go.

Open all the recent apps and close the Pokemon Go from the list.

Restart your device and launch the Pokemon Go.

Fix #3: Reduce Motion on iPhone:

Pokémon Go Crashing

It helps sometimes. Since Pokemon Go uses a large number of resources.

Because of this heavy load, our device stops running all these services and as a result, Pokemon Go starts crashing.

Reducing Motion will help cool down things a little bit.

Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Toggle On.

Fix #4: Close the Background Apps

This does help. Since we are using a number of apps at a single time.

All of these apps are running in the background and eating up a huge amount of resources and battery.

This could cause Pokémon Go Crashing on your iPhone or iPad.

You need close all the apps running in the background and then restart your device.

After that, you need to re-launch the Pokemon Go.

You can easily Fix Pokemon Go Network Error 2 on iPhone and Android. Please follow the instructions provided in the link.

Fix #5: Reconnect to the Internet:

Since we cannot play Pokemon offline. We always need an active internet connection.

It can be either your mobile data or your WiFi.

So if you don’t have an active internet connection you will be unable to play Pokemon GO.

You need to make sure first that your internet is working.

Second, you need to make your mobile data is also working.

If both of them are working then for WiFi you need to disconnect or forget the WiFi network.

After that reconnect to WiFi.

And for mobile data, you need to turn it off and then turn it on again.

In all the disconnecting and reconnecting processes you should wait for a minute each time.

You can check the List of Pokémon Games in Order of Chronological Release.

Fix #6 Delete and Re-Install Pokemon Go:

Pokémon Go Crashing

If nothing works for you and after trying all these solutions still Pokémon Go Crashing on your iPhone or iPad.

You have left with only one solution.

May you don’t like it.

You must delete Pokemon Go from your iPhone or iPad.

After that you need to re-install Pokemon Go, you don’t have to worry about anything.

All of your data is connected and saved with your Facebook, Apple, or Google ID.

Once you have deleted the Pokemon Go, you need to restart your iPhone and then re-install it.

Fix #7: Wait for an Update Patch:

Pokémon Go Crashing

If the issue persists then you have to wait to hear official words about it.

Moreover, Pokemon Go is under the umbrella of Nintendo and they are a very big company.

They will soon release a patch update to fix such issues.

All you can do is wait for the update to arrive.

Fix #8: Contact Support:

Pokémon Go Crashing

You can always try Support. They can help you with the Pokémon Go Crashing issues.

Heed the instruction below to learn how to contact support on Pokemon Go.

• Tap on Pokemon Ball in the center of the screen.

• Then Tap on the Settings icon located on the right side of the screen.

• After that Tap on the Help icon and then Contact Us.

That’s all. These are the solutions that you can try to Fix Pokémon Go Crashing on iPhone.

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