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How to Fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working [2022]


MultiVersus is another high-end game launched this year. This game is developed by the legendary Warner Bros and interactive entertainment. By hearing the name of such massive companies you already know that this game is the big deal.

The game is new infact in many states, but this game is not launched yet. Due to the new experiences, there are certain errors in the game some are minor and but some are extremely major. The major error that gamers are facing nowadays is MultiVersus KBI Tutorial, Not Working.

We deeply examine the issue and after seeing a number of complaints in our Reddit community, we analyzed that the issue is with the game.


MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working

MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working

Here are the fixes, checkpoints, and effective solutions which you can possibly try in order to fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial not Working issue.

Check Game Updates

Never play an outdated game, because it can harm your device as well as deliver such irritating errors. The same implies to the players of MultiVersus, they should always keep their game updated. If they are notified about such action, allow the game Client to complete the process. If not, do check on the official website to acknowledge the status of the pending updates.

Check Server Status

Before moving forward on the workarounds to bypass the error, try checking whether the game servers are alive-n-kicking or not. There are several websites that offer services to check an app’s or game’s server status.

A good thing is that you visit the MultiVersus Server Status page to acknowledge the current situation of the game’s servers. You can view the game’s services and their current status without having to imply any extra hassle.

Restart Gaming Device

Restarting your computer or mobile device can also help you fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working. Sometimes, the device’s servers aren’t responding as aspected and after performing a soft reset, they can start to work from scratch. So you should do the same and check if this trick resolves the issue.

Reboot Router/Modem

The problem can be in your network, so you should restart your router/modem. That helps your router to help your device connect with the healthiest network possible. It enables the resources required to start heavy gameplay like MultiVersus.

In addition, you can also perform a power cycle. For that, you will have to power off your router/modem for a couple of seconds. After waiting for approximately 10 seconds, power on the network source. Now connect your computer or smartphone with Wi-Fi, to check if it helps you get rid of the MultiVersus Authentication Failed error.

Disable Antivirus

A third-party antivirus can block some resources of MultiVersus. So you should disable it, at least for the time bieng to check if it helps you bypass the issue. And if you encounter that the installed antivirus is the cause of this trouble, you should uninstall it and prefer to use a program that allows you to enjoy your favorite gameplay.

In case you want to play MultiVersus on Windows PC, you will then be required to disable the Windows Defender Firewall. For that, open the Windows Defender Firewall using the search bar and turn off the firewall services for both private & public networks.

Contact Game Support

In case, none of the above-provided methods have helped you so far, you should contact the game support. They will replay you as soon as possible, so be patient, until you get the right answer to fix the issue from MultiVersus Support.

Reinstall MultiVersus

One possible way to fix the MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working error is to reinstall the game. But for that, you need to perform the proper steps.

First of all, uninstall MultiVersus and wait until the game’s files are removed from your device’s storage. Afterward, restart your gaming device (PC or Mobile). Now get the latest version of MultiVersus and install it. At last, launch it to acknowledge the current game’s status.

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