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How to Fix iOS 16 Bad Battery Life [2022]


iOS 16 is launched with Apple’s latest iPhone 14 Flagships. Alot of new changes are added in various departments of iOS 16. The new camera features, new widgets, shortcuts, some styles, etc. Also, they made major improvements to the iOS 16 Photos App.

But one thing which is not acceptable for iPhone users in iOS 16 is the bad battery life. Users having iPhone 12 Pro Max or below models are complaining about Bad Battery timing. I think iOS 16 is too heavy for the 12 Pro Max and below devices, there can be a compatibility clash as per my assumption.

Fix iOS 16 Bad Battery Life


iPhone 13 Pro Max to iPhone 14 Pro Max models users are not complaining much about the iOS 16 bad battery Life. Only the below models are facing such an issue.

How to Fix iOS 16 Bad Battery Life

We are here with a few fixes that can possibly fix iOS 16 Bad Battery Life if and only if, the issue is with the OS, not hardware. Apply these solutions one by one and check the results.

Lower Display Brightness

The increased brightness level can lead to numerous issues like overheating and Bad Battery Life. In that case, you should keep your phone’s brightness to the lowest level possible.

  • Launch the Control Center on your iOS 16
  • Lower the brightness bar by swiping it down.

Users can also enable Auto-Brightness to avoid any bad battery life issues caused by intended brightness. To do so, navigate to Settings → Accessibility → Display & Text Size → Enable Auto-Brightness.

Battery Suggestions

Your iPhone iOS 16 will suggest you in improving the battery performance. You just have to imply the following steps to get the right suggestions.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Go to the Battery section
  • Choose Battery Health
  • Perform recommended operations to improve the battery health of your iPhone iOS 16.

Update All Apps

Never leave any app outdated, because it can lead to various OS issues. It can slow down the speed of your device’s performance, so it’s recommended that you keep all the installed apps updated.

  • Tap-hold on the icon of the App Store
  • Select Updates from the given options
  • Choose the outdated apps (which you want to update)

Downgrade to iOS 15

You should also check for the iOS version if it’s updated or if the latest version is installed. In that case, you should downgrade to iOS 15, to avoid any iOS 16 common issues.

Put your iPhone on Recovery mode while connected with iTunes on Computer. Select Restore. If you’re not prompted to restore, you may need to open Finder on a Mac or iTunes on Windows to select your device and then click Restore

Enable Screen Time

Screen Time allows one to track his habits on his iOS 16 iPhone and also get detailed data about the apps that consume more data and battery.

So by enabling Screen Time, you can also improve the battery health of your iPhone with iOS 16. For that, launch Settings and go to the Screen Time tab. Now enter the Downtime and select the days when you want it enabled.

Use Optimized Battery Charging

The optimized battery charging allows one to charge his iOS 16 iPhone’s battery to the fullest, depending upon his routine. So by enabling this feature, you allow your iOS 16 iPhone to sleep down some processes while your device is charging.

  • From the Settings interface, tap on Battery
  • Go to Battery Health
  • Enable Optimized Battery Charging

Disable Raise to Wake

For users who are not much into enabling the iOS 16 display, every time they pick it up, disabling the Raise to Wake feature is a must-have.

  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to Display & Brightness
  • Turn off Raise to Wake

Prefer Wi-Fi

In comparison with cellular data, Wi-Fi consumes less battery. So I would personally recommend that iPhone iOS 16 users prefer to use Wi-Fi to browse the internet.

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be using mobile data at all, but only prefer to use Wi-Fi when they have the option.

Enable Low Power Mode

Individuals can also enable Low Power Mode to enhance the battery life of their iPhone iOS 16. They first need to enable it from the Settings app and then start to manipulate it from the control center.

  • Launch Settings and go to the Control Center
  • Hit Customize Controls
  • Now, enable Low Power Mode

Afterward, enable or disable the Low Power Mode from the Control Center.

Turn Off Automatic Downloads

Some users have enabled Automatic Downloads, to allow the apps to download data and information. In such a case, these applications consume more battery life. So it would be best to keep this facility turned off.

  • Launch Settings on your iOS 16 iPhone and tap on iTunes & App Store
  • Now, under Automatic Download, deselect the apps that you don’t want to download files automatically.

Reset Settings

Some faulty settings can also lead towards iOS 16 bad battery life Fast. So it would be best to reset all settings, to make your iOS 16 iPhone more functional.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap on General → Reset
  • Select the Reset All Settings option.
  • Confirm your action to proceed.

Disable Background Refresh

Some applications refresh in the background to provide their latest results to their consumers. And by background processing, these applications, can consume more battery life.

In that case, users should disable the Background Refresh for their benefit.

  • From iPhone iOS 16 Settings, navigate to General
  • Tap on Background App Refresh
  • Disable the apps that you don’t want to refresh in the background.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix iOS 16 bad battery Life Fast, at it’sDailyTech.

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