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How to Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically [2022]


Instagram not playing videos automatically issue arrises usually because of the app caches or pending update. Your internet connection also plays a vital role in causing such issues. Or maybe you messed with the app settings, that may be the reason behind Videos not playing on Instagram automatically.

We will try to figure out the reason and fix the issues through the following checkpoints come solutions. Hopefully, you will not face Instagram Videos are not playing issues after following this tutorial.

How to Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically

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Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically

Here are the solutions in order to fix Instagram not playing videos automatically. Don’t mess with the sequence of these solutions because they are ranked according to the intensity.

After considering all the aforementioned scenarios, now I would like to represent some workarounds to fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically.

I have found all the mentioned below methods to be quite successful in fixing this issue. They are also recommended by others, who are a part of the Instagram community.

So, without any further ado, here comes methods to help you Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically:

Faulty Internet Connection

It is also possible that your smartphone is connected to a network that’s not alive-n-kicking.

In that case, try consulting with websites like “speedtest.net”. Because such websites allow you to check the downloading and uploading speed of the connected Wi-Fi or cellular data.

If you encounter, slow internet speed, shift to a different network, so that Instagram Not Playing Videos Automatically.

Instagram Servers are Down

Once in a blue moon, Facebook’s or Instagram’s servers are down, resulting-in, in users being unable to make the most of their favorite social apps.

There are two ways to check the status of Instagram servers:

Visit the official Twitter account that delivers updated news about Instagram’s services.

Consult with third-party services like DownDetector to examine the current status of Instagram’s servers.

Wait for a Little

Sometimes Instagram’s servers are not fully down, but some of its services stop responding correctly to a user’s request.

In that case, you should wait for a little, so that you don’t have to waste your time, any further.

Also, wait for about 24 hours, because on some occasions, the Instagram Videos only load after a day or so.

Disable Third-Party Apps & Services

Users should always avoid consulting with third-party apps to use control activities on their Instagram accounts.

Because these applications can lead to interruption within the Synchronization process of Instagram. And, can also lead to a blockade from Instagram bots.

If you don’t know how to disable these apps, consult with the following steps:

. Launch your Instagram Profile page
. Tap once on the menu button
. Select Settings
. Go to Security
. Inside Data and Security, tap on Apps and Websites
. Navigate to Active
. Remove all the activated bots and automated tools.

Another thing that one should do to secure his account is to change the password.

So that, Instagram’s AI algorithms can consider the profile secure and free of spam.

Keep Instagram Updated

If you don’t want to be bothered by any glitches from Instagram, keep the app updated to the latest version.

Especially, if you are getting messages like Google Play Store keeps stopping, you should perform a manual update.

Because it’s possible that whenever the app is under updating process, the play store crashes, resulting in, the OS being unable to update the app.

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