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How to Fix FIFA 23 FPS Drops [2022]

  • I will discuss the methods to fix FIFA 23 FPS Drops on PC.
  • FIFA 23 is an action-adventure game published by Electronic Arts.
  • The game’s available for Xbox, Play Station, Google Stadia, and Windows PC.

Critics say that FIFA 23 is the clone of original Football a.k.a soccer in US, but that’s not true. Because this game also consists of some science-fiction and comedy twists, which are incomparable. Also, the game offers plenty of opportunities for players who like to act like a boss and don’t want anyone to come in their way of accomplishing their goals.

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With that said, the FIFA 23 game collects more resources. So it may start to respond laggy at moment, mainly because of the fps drops. In that case, players are required to perform some methods to improve the performance of their game, to experience smooth gameplay on PC.


How Do I Fix FIFA 23 FPS Drops on PC?

Here are some solutions that would help you in fixing the FIFA 23 FPS Drops or stuttering issues. You are mainly required to perform some customizations with the system OS. Because this isn’t a game bug, but only your game is getting less amount of the resources that are required for a smooth launch and gameplay.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Dedicate FIFA 23 Manually

If any of the FIFA 23 players face difficulty in using GPU, they should select it manually from their respective GPU managers.

I have talked about NVIDIA and AMD users individually, in the following section:


1. Launch NVIDIA Control Panel.

2. Navigate to 3D Settings >> Manage 3D Settings

3. Go to Program Settings and add FIFA 23

4. Choose a High-performance NVIDIA processor

5. After saving the changes, restart your PC.


1. Launch AMD Radeon Settings

2. Navigate to System and select Switchable Graphics

3. Restart your system.

Update Graphics Drivers

Always ensure that your device drivers are updated to the latest build. Especially, your graphics drivers should be updated to the latest patch.

Update GPU Drivers
1. Press the Win + X keys to launch the context menu.

2. Select Device Manager from the appearing menu.

3. Expand the Display Adapters tab.

4. Right-click on the GPU device and select Update Driver

5. Allow the system to update the files automatically.

Exit Unwanted Background Tasks

Some background running apps can intercept your FIFA 23 gameplay. It would be better to only run the game and remove all the background apps/processes.

Saints Row Lagging
1. Launch Task Manager from the context menu bar (press Win + X keys to launch the context menu)

2. Go to the processes tab.

3. Choose the unwanted apps and click on the End Task button.

Customize In-Game Settings

In-game optimization can also be helpful in fixing the issues related to GPU.

Here’s what you need to do to make FIFA 23 run smoothly on your computer.

1. From the FIFA 23 lobby, click on the Settings icon.

2. Turn off VSync

3. Shift advanced settings to low or medium.

Repair FIFA 23 Files

If you are still unable to launch FIFA 23, you should consider repairing its files from the game launcher. This would help you in fixing any corruptions and faults from the game’s files, that are caused by the faulty third-party apps.

Repair Saints Row Files
1. Launch Steam and navigate to the Library section

2. Right-click on FIFA 23 and select Properties

3. Go to the Local Files tab

4. Click on Verify the integrity of game files.

5. Relaunch Steam and FIFA 23 on it.

Reinstall FIFA 23

You should also try reinstalling FIFA 23, as it will help you in removing all the clutters from the game’s directory.

1. So while using Steam, right-click on FIFA 23 and select Manage

2. Now, click on the Uninstall option.

3. Once the game is removed from the library, reinstall it.

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