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How to Fix Facebook Not Playing Videos – FB Watch Not Working [2022]


Let’s start with the basic solutions to fix the Facebook not playing Videos issue. As you move forward to solutions, the basics will become potential solutions.

Facebook not playing videos also known as Facebook Watch not working is now the most common error of FB.

This issue is both-sided because this is an app issue from the developer’s end as they officially addressed this issue on their blog. Secondly, this issue also arises on the smartphone end especially on Facebook for Android.


So, we bring overall solutions that let you fix facebook not playing videos on Android, iPhone, and Computers too.

We are writing down the solutions to fix Facebook Watch not working also refer as FB Videos Not Playing.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Restart the Facebook

Facebook Not Playing Videos

App restart can refresh the app and the temporary glitch which was causing Facebook App not Playing Videos can be fixed. That’s how you restart the Facebook App on Android.

First of all, clear the recent Facebook tab from your smartphone recent tabs.

Double press the home button or tap on the tabs icon at the home screen button layout.

Clear the Facebook tab or clear all tabs to refresh all apps.

Clear Cache

Facebook Not Playing Videos

Clearing cache is one of the most recommended solutions by tech experts in case of any app-related issue. Especially for social apps and browsers, it is a must to clean these apps’ cache twice a week at least.

Clearing the cache of any Facebook App is a very easy procedure. It is located in the Settings, then apps, then Facebook. Follow the below steps.

1. Open the Android Settings App on your phone.
2. Select the applications and then select Facebook App.
3. Tap on the Storage option and then tap Clear Cache.

Update Facebook App

Facebook Not Playing Videos

App updates are the most important thing to do on time. No matter how stable OS you are using, it will be useless without app updates.

Update your Facebook from the Google Play Store.

Search the Facebook App on Playstore it will appear with an update button if available.
Navigate to your Profile icon, and select My Apps & Games. Update all apps including Facebook.

Uninstall and Reinstall Facebook

It is just a checking tweak and it works most of the time so, don’t underestimate it.

Uninstalling and reinstalling is like starting life again. When you uninstall software or app from any app, it will delete all the app data and files. By this trick, the corrupt files related to the app will also get deleted.

Facebook is an account-based app all data is stored on Facebook servers. So uninstalling the Facebook app will not delete any of your gallery data or internal app data.

1. Uninstall Facebook App.
2. Clear the overall cache of smartphones.
3. Clear the app caches.

Reinstall App and use it. It’s a 99% chance that this app is working fine. The rest of 1% is for the Facebook Globally Down issue.

Facebook Not Playing Videos! Contact Support

If all methods are failed to solve the Facebook Not Playing Videos issue! It’s time to avail of the final option.

Contact Facebook Support and report your issue to them.

They can surely fix your issue. Remember, FB Watch Not Working or Unfortunately Facebook has stopped error can occur if your account is temporarily banned or, FB account is permanently banned. The only company that can fix this issue.
Contact Facebook Support

Does your internet connection work?

This is not a solution it is a general checkpoint. Are you sure! your internet connection is working fine?

Maybe Facebook not Playing videos is because the Internet connection not working.

Sometimes the users didn’t notice that there is a little mark with the WiFi icon on your phone. That means the internet connection is on but not working.

Or even if there is an issue at your internet service provider’s side.

The best technique to check the Internet connection is Google Chrome and YouTube. Search anything on Chrome or play any video on YouTube.

If it works fine it means the internet connection is working and only Facebook Watch is not Working.

But, if other apps are also not working, there is a problem with your internet connection. Contact your iSP support and report your issue to them.

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