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5 Ways To Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up [ 2022 ]


In this article, you can learn how to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up. All you have to do is heed the instructions below.

Facebook Dating is a new feature that Facebook has added to its platform. You can meet new people through Facebook dating. Some might even be able to form a relationship with someone you share a Dating Profile with.

Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up


The new feature requires that you only log into one email address, but you will create a new profile to use for the dating service. You can create a Facebook dating profile that is separate from your main profile.

Users will then be suggested to or can find you based on your preferences, location, and interests. You don’t have to wait for someone to contact you if you become interested in them. Instead, you can begin reaching out to them directly.

Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up:

Some of the following instant workarounds can be implied to bypass this Facebook issue:

  1. Update Facebook app
  2. Resolve network issues.
  3. Turn on FB app notifications
  4. Clear App cache (only Android)
  5. Reinstall Facebook
  6. Contact Facebook support.

Why is Facebook Dating Not Showing?

This particular problem can occur for a variety of reasons. It is not possible to do anything about the fact that anyone under 18 cannot create an account.

For those over 18, the only way to solve the problem is to install the App on your Android and iOS devices. This will allow you to access Facebook Dating.

Other than that, Maybe Facebook Dating is not yet rolled out in your country.

Also, you need to make sure that your privacy settings are not coming in the way.

Why Facebook Dating is Not Showing Up, Fixed in Video:

Video Fix 2:

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How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up on Facebook App:

Here are some methods to fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up on Facebook App. Now, I’ve explained all of them in detail:

Update Facebook App [ Best Solution to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up ]

Maybe the Facebook app isn’t the latest version. This could be why dating doesn’t work. Just click the Update tab. You can also opt for the automatic update of your Android device or iOS device. You can check to see if your device has a dating feature.

Check Internet Connection [ Mobile Data or WIFI ]

You might have issues accessing Facebook Dating App when you connect to Wi-Fi. Maybe your location is causing problems with your connection. But, if your data plan is active, you can access your network and check for any connectivity issues.

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Enable Facebook App Notifications:

If App notifications have been disabled or turned off, check that Facebook is not on that list. You may also try Enabling again Facebook App notifications to allow you to use Facebook Dating.

Clear Cache:

Apps will run more quickly if their data is stored in the phone’s memory. Your phone stores data that you use in apps. In some cases, the data may become corrupted which can cause the app not to work properly.

Sometimes, clearing cache on your smartphone can fix this. To verify if your device’s dating feature is functioning properly, you can try clearing the cache.

Check if Facebook is not down:

It’s Ok to check if Facebook App is having issues, look for other users. If it’s down, the best way to fix it is to wait until it works again.

Uninstall and Reinstall:

Most of the time, this solution kicks in and your app starts working again. Don’t worry you won’t lose any data. All you have to do is Uninstall the Facebook app on your Android and iOS device. After that, you need to Re-install the Facebook App and I am sure that the Facebook dating feature will work.

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Facebook Help:

If Facebook dating does not appear on Facebook after you’ve tried the solutions, you can send an email to Facebook’s Technical Support Team via their Facebook Page.

That’s all. This is how you can Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up. Let me know how it goes on Reddit Page.

Frequent Asked Question for Facebook Dating:

How do I view my Facebook Dating information?

Facebook Dating is available through the Facebook app on Android and iOS.

• To access your Dating information:

• Please go to the Facebook app on your mobile device.

• Then go to Access Your Information in your Facebook Settings.

That’s all. This is how you Fix Facebook Dating not Showing.

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