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Fix “Disconnected from server” in Tower of Fantasy


Learn how to Fix “Disconnected from server” in Tower of Fantasy.

So this is the second most common error users are getting in Tower of Fantasy. Whenever they try to join a server.

Make no doubt about it, this is not happening because of your Internet connection.


Even if you have an active Internet connection you still might face this issue.

That is totally on the Tower of Fantasy side.

There are getting a huge load of traffic and that is why their servers are facing downtime.

Let me help you.

Heed the instructions below in order to Fix “Disconnected from server” in Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android, and iOS.

This post is also divided into two parts:

First, let me tell you why you are facing this error.

The Reason behind Getting Disconnected from server in Tower of Fantasy.

Disconnected from server

As I have told you in my previous post, Tower of Fantasy made its way to PC recently.

Every single player wants to join the fun.

That’s is reason users are getting Disconnected from server in Tower of Fantasy error.

Because their servers are full and they have placed a limit on their servers.

So if you are playing the game and suddenly you are disconnected, that is because their server got crashed.

Their servers are not handling the traffic load.

Thus, users are getting disconnected in the middle of the game.

Now you know the reason.

It’s the traffic load.

Let’s move on and find the best solutions to Fix Disconnected from server in Tower of Fantasy.

How To Fix Disconnected from server” in Tower of Fantasy:

You can easily fix Disconnected from server” in Tower of Fantasy by “joining a different server” or you can keep on clicking the “OK” button until you join the same server again.

I have reached out to their support and told them I am getting this issue.

Their answer was:

“Try Joining a Different Server and you will be able to play the game”.

There is no issue to Join a different server.

But there is a problem.

When you leave a server and join a different one your progress will not be continued on to the new server.

I mean Why?

It seems like Tower of Fantasy is the same as Hearthstone and Genshin Impact.

When you join a new server, you have to start from zero. All of your progress is on the old server.

They should share your program across all servers.

Well, good thing is, if you join the old server again. You won’t start from zero, all of your progress will be saved there.

So if you don’t want to restart all, the only option you are left with is.

Keep Clicking on the “OK” button.

Hope so you get in the Queue and start playing from where you left off.

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