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How to Fix Clash Royale Connection issues on Android


After the Clash of Clans, if we talk about the best game by Supercell, surely it will be the Clash Royale. This is the second most popular game by the company. Supercell has given us games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. All of these games are super-duper hits. In the world of PUBG and COD, these games still manage to be the daily entertainment of millions of people.

Clash Royale is a strategy game, build and defense are the best words to describe this game shortly. Clash Royale is the best way to kill your time or short time like the short break during work. This game doesn’t take you much time or fix time, play it anytime you are free.

Fix Clash Royale Internet Connectivity Issues


Supercell is one of the most valuable, powerful and most anticipated game developers inn the world. There is the reason why Tencent bought the Supercell. Not just their games are brilliant but also the team behind creations are consist of the best game developers.

This is strange for us that people are complaining about the Clash Royale Connection issues. Because in all these years, we didn’t saw that gamers complaining about a game i.e developed by Supercell. Somehow, it can be possible because the fact is technology can’t ever be errorless.

How to fix Clash Royale Connection Issue

There is 90% chance that the issue is at your end. Maybe your device is messing or your internet connection is causing the Clash Royale Connection issues. We are going to fix Clash Royale Connection issue with some simple solutions. They are damn easy to follow.

1. Switch Internet Connection

As Clash Royale is online-based, we have to ensure the internet connection must be working and signal strength must be good at least, if not excellent. To check the internet connection, google chrome is the best tool. Search any query on chrome and watch any video on YouTube. If they are working fine, it means the internet connection is good and the problem is with the game.

2. Restart your Wi-Fi Router

If the above techniques didn’t work for you, have a go at turning off your Wi-Fi router switch. Press the power button of router or turn off the electric socket. If there is temporary problem of WiFi router not receiving the signals, it will get fixed through it.

  1. Power off the Wi-Fi switch > Unplug the power link from the switch.
  2. Then, sit tight for around 30 seconds then, at that point, plug back the power link into the switch.
  3. Turn on the switch and check for the connectivity issue once more.

Grab another phone, tablet, or laptop and connect with the same WiFi. If that device is working fine it means there can be a problem with your Phone Configuration with WiFi. Try to fix Clash Royale Connection issues on Android by resetting the router.

3. Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

Check, if you had turned on the Airplane mode of the iPhone, If yes! then turn that off.

And, if the airplane mode is already turned off then you have to turn it ON and turn it off again. This is a minor trick but it works most of the time in fixing the connectivity issue.

4. Distance Problem

Maybe the distance between the WiFi router and your device is excessive. Or, maybe the router is on a different floor and you are on a different one. If that’s the case then you should use the device on the same floor where the router is present. You can also use the TP-Link router the expanding the signal range.

5. Forget and Reconnect

Well, this is the thing, Forget the WiFi network and then connect with it again.

  1. Open Settings on your Phone.
  2. Tap on the WiFi option.
  3. Here is the list of all WiFi names with whom your devices were connected.
  4. Tap and hold on to the WiFi which you want to forget, Select Forget Network option.

After forgetting, turn on the WiFi and connect with the Same WiFi again. You have to enter the password of that WiFi again.

Contact Support – The Final Option!

We haven’t seen any official statement by Supercell regarding the Clash Royale Connection issues on Android. But, if all the above solutions failed to fix Clash Royale Connection issues on Android then Supercell have to take some actions. Contact Supercell  Support and they will fix the issue for you.

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