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Can we Fix Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap Error? DIY


We are going to answer an important question Can we Fix Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap Error? If the developers of Battlefield don’t take quick action in fixing Battlefield 2042, this game can be a disaster!

By the way, it can’t happen because Electronic Arts are behind this legendary game. One of the most iconic game developers in the world. I think we had to deal with nearly 7 or 8 Battlefield 2042 errors in the past. That’s alot and a moment of worry for the Battlefield 2042 developers.

Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap


I (The author but also a gamer) love to be a part of a conversation in the Gaming Community. A hardcore lover of games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 2042. One thing which i disliked about the Battlefield 2042 is the instability. Like, EA Sports is one of the most valuable game franchises ever.


Imagine a 34 Billion dollars fortune company is failing to maintain just a game. Battlefield 2042 was expected to be the best game of EA Sports but it ends to being totally opposite. One thing which I can say confidently is that this game is also one of the most errorful same till date.

Previous Battlefield Error We Dealt

How to Fix Battlefield 2042 Has Reached Cap Error?

This is the kind of error which we can’t fix by ourselves. Reached Cap Error seems to be purely from the developer’s end. Only they can deal with it. But, let us discuss and understand that the Battlefield 2042 Has reached Cap error is either an issue or a limitation. We saw some of the reports by game enthusiasts surfaced on the online forums regarding the trophies and XP progress being denied in the matches. Sigh of relief that this issue is already reported to EA Sports and Dice games. Hopefully, they will release the patch soon to fix the BattleField 2042 issues including the Reached Cap Error.

Initially, there were custom matches and Battlefield Portal matches did grant full XP and trophy rewards. Players are communicating that the Battlefield 2042 system is generating bot matches with AI in easy mode.  This model includes one health, no weapons, etc to quickly level up. Whereas the ripple effect makes a stop to this by introducing an XP level cap for custom matches. Match trophies or ribbons in the custom matches so the players can’t earn more than a certain amount of XP in a single custom match. This is where the Cap Has reached error occurs most of the time with many of the users.

Let’s hope EA Sports and DICE  quickly give us the solution to his error. So, we could play this game errorlessly.

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