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How to Fix Arma Reforger Multiplayer Not Working Issue [2022]


In the community of gamers, some Arma Reforger fans were complaining about the Arma Reforger Multiplayer Not Working. We have not heard about any major issues with the Arma Reforger. But, found a few ones while scrolling in a Reddit community we joined last year.

Fixes for Arma Reforger Multiplayer Not Working

Well, it seems the servers were down at that moment. Or, there can be an error on the user’s device, both possibilities are equal. Arma Reforger servers down the issue can only be resolved by the developers. But if the Arma Reforger Multiplayer Not Working is due to the user’s device then we can solve it with these simple solutions.

Fix Arma Reforger Multiplayer Not Working

Restart your PC or Game Console

Before performing any extra hassle, you should restart your computer or game console. That may work for you in case the game’s not getting the right signals from the operating system or vice versa. So it would be better for you to simply close the game and restart your device.

Update Arma Reforger

Always ensure that Arma Reforger is updated to the latest version. Because every updated patch comes with fixes to the previously encountered errors. You can visit the official website to acknowledge the available version. Or, request a game update from Steam or in-game settings.

Examine Server Status

Whenever you launch the game, your account gets connected with the Arma Reforger’s servers. So if the game servers aren’t alive-n-kicking, there’s no way for you to enter the battle arenas.

You can consult with various websites like DownDetector to check the current state of the game’s servers. Else, go to the official @Void interactive page on Twitter to recognize the facts that are causing this error.

Reboot your router

Rebooting/Power Cycling your router can also be resourceful in fixing the Arma Reforger Multiplayer Not Loading error. Because this error may be residing within your network, so you need to turn off your router for about 30 seconds.

After waiting for several seconds, turn on your Wi-Fi router and allow it to start peacefully. Once it starts working at its full potential, connect your computer/Xbox with it and launch the multiplayer mode on Arma Reforger.

Customize DNS Address

Customization of DNS addresses can help you in fixing this issue as well as improving the game performance. Because some default DNS addresses aren’t fully compatible with the game servers, users start to face glitches, every time they play a game online.

If you are playing Arma Reforger on Xbox, navigate to Settings >> All Settings >> Network >> Advanced Settings >> DNS Settings >> Manual. From there, change the Primary address and hit Enter.

On Windows PC, you can simply navigate to the Wi-Fi Settings and properties of the Connected Network. Now change the DNS value for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Use a Different Network

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, then you need to start considering that there’s something wrong with the connected network.

It would be a better option to connect your device with a different router, so you can check what’s interrupting your gameplay. And, if the other network/router is working correctly, you will see a boost in the gameplay and no lags while you are having multiplayer FPS fun.

PowerCycle Router/Modem

You should try power cycling your router or modem.

To do so, turn off your router/modem and remove all cables from it.

Now, wait for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Attach all cables back again in the perspective places on your network device.

Turn it back on and connect your PC or console with it.

PowerCycle PC/Console

In case of the issue persists, try the sam power cycle procedure with your PC or console.

Turn it off and plug out the power cable from it.

Press the power button for about 10 to 20 seconds.

Now, attach all cables back with it and power it on.

Tweak Network Settings

Players should correct their in-game network settings, to become able to connect with the online servers.

From the in-game menu, select System.

Navigate to the Network tab.

View the following image and ensure that the designated settings are the same:

Check Multiplayer Passwords

If you are have designated any password to protect your multiplayer session, you should remove it.

Go to the Multiplayer section from the in-game menu.

Press the Settings button to get the password customization page.

Ensure that no password is allotted to the account.

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