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How To Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone Or iPad


Did you find a Lost or Stolen iPhone/iPad in the street? Want to know how to Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone? In this article, you will find a few methods, that will help you in locating or contacting the original owner of an iPhone or iPad.

However, most iPhone or iPad users use a Passcode to protect the content of their device. And most people use advanced security like Face ID or Touch ID to protect their devices. However, I have mentioned a few tricks in this article, that will help you in locating the owner of the device.

I know there are many questions in your mind, and some of you might have lost your iPhone or iPad and are looking for a method to retrieve it. This article will help you as we have added multiple methods that you can use to reach the person who has your iPhone or iPad in their possession.


Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone

How To Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone Or iPad

Here I have mentioned all of the methods, keep reading these methods one by one to learn about the functionality of these methods. And also use those methods to Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone Or iPad. So, without taking any more time, here are all of the solutions for you.

If There Is No Passcode On The iPhone Or iPad

If you have found an iPhone or iPad without any passcode then you can directly head to the contacts. In the contacts, the top most contact is “My Card” this card contains the information of the owner of the device. Moreover, if there is no contact card, then you can search for Mom, Dad, Brother, wife, etc.

Alternatively, you can head to the Phone App and contact the last caller, or you could contact the person with who the lost iPhone owner regularly chats. Moreover, these steps are intrusions to the privacy of the device owner. However, these steps are necessary to contact the owner of the device and to return the device, without it falling into the wrong hands.

What To Do If iPhone Or iPad is Password Protected?

Don’t worry, there are many methods to Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone Or iPad even if the device is locked and password protected.

Medical ID

If the owner of the iPhone or iPad has set the Medical ID, then you can easily find it on the lock screen. From the Medical ID, you can find the emergency contact information and then return the device to the rightful owner.

Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone

Ask Siri

You can always ask Siri to show the contact card. If it is available, then you will be able to view the Email address and the contact information. If this does not work, then you can use commands like Call Mom, Call Dad, call the last received number. If you get through, then explain the situation and ask them to contact the real owner or the device can be returned.

Note: To use Siri an internet connection is required, you can turn on the Mobile Data from the control center. Moreover, if it is the latest model of iPhone or iPad, that might be running iOS 15 or iPad OS 15 or later, then Siri can work without an Internet connection.

How To Access Control Center?

On iPhone 8 and older models, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. And on iPhone X and later models, swipe down from the top right side of the screen.

Keep The Found Device With Yourself And Receive Incoming Calls

If the above method does not work for you then you can wait for the owner of the device to release, that the device is missing and then try to contact their device. If you receive any phone calls then pick up the phone, and explain the situation. However, if the owner of the device comes to claim their device, then ask them to unlock it, before you hand over the device.

Look For Find My iPhone or iPad Message On The Lock Screen

If the owner of the device is using the Find My feature, then he or she can easily lock the device from another Apple device. When every the owner enables this feature, the Find My iPhone message will appear on the iPhone or iPad screen. This message is customizable, and the user can provide relevant information to be contacted.

Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone

Take The Sim Card Of the Lost iPhone & Place It In Another Device

If you don’t know how to use an iPhone or if the battery of the iPhone is drained and you don’t have a charger to charge the device. Then you can take the sim card of the lost iPhone and place it in another mobile device. So, the owner or someone else can contact you. This solution has been proven many times by different people.

Connect The Lost iPhone To A PC Or A Mac Device

With this method, you can only find the name of the iPhone owner, as most people use their name as their iPhone name. so, if you find an iPhone or iPad in a cafe or a restaurant, then you can connect it with your Windows or Mac PC and find the name of the owner. Once you know the name you can spread the word and try to locate the owner of the device.

There are many people with the same name, so make sure that you are giving the device to the genuine owner of the device. The best way to determine the owner is by asking the person to unlock the device in front of you. Here is how you can find the name of the owner of the device from your PC.

  • Open iTunes on a Windows PC or Finder on a Mac device.
  • Now connect the device.
  • Open the app and you will see the owner’s name. For Example, “Danny’s iPhone”

Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone

Contact the Device Carrier

This method is a long shot and can help in some ways. The carrier will not provide any information. However, they can track the actual owner of the device as every mobile device comes with a unique IMEI number.

Contact the Police

At the last, if none of the methods worked for you then the only option left for you is to contact the police. Most people want to apply the Finders keepers rule, however, this rule does not apply to phones, because they contain personal information. Moreover, if a lost or stolen iPhone is in your assertion, and the owner of the device finds you using the police or using the Find My feature. Then at that time, you will be considered as a potential suspect.


This article was regarding the method To Find The Owner Of The Lost iPhone Or iPad. If you have any lost or stolen iPhone/iPad in your possession, then this article will be of help. Moreover, if some time has been passed and the owner has not contacted you, then going to the police is the best solution for you. If you have any questions, regarding this topic, iOS or iPad OS. Then ask in the comment section below. Thank You and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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