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How to Find Anyone on Instagram Using Phone Number


f After Facebook, Instagram is the second most accessed platform in the world with more than 500 million active users daily. And, if we talk about monthly stats that the quantity reaches 1 billion monthly active users on average.

Like Facebook “Friends” adding Instagram has “Followers” and “Followings”. Facebook and Instagram have a lot in common maybe because of the same team behind these. One aspect is also common that is “Find”. This single word is the basis of the internet and social media.

Find anyone on Instagram can be hectic sometimes. That’s why the developers have given us different options to find the people on Instagram.


How to Find Anyone on Instagram using Phone Number?

You need to access Instagram Contacts first. Well, Instagram provides a separate category also known as “Contacts” This category is for finding the people common in your contact list and Instagram.

At the time of Instagram Registration, the app ask you for “access to contacts”. Now finding people is the reason why they demand access t contacts. It is the easiest way to find Friends on Instagram.

  1. Launch the Instagram App on your Phone, Switch to your profile from the News Feed by tapping on the Profile icon.

    Find Anyone on Instagram Using Phone Number

  2. Tap on the three-line menu icon at the top of your Instagram Profile.
    Find Anyone on Instagram Using Phone Number
  3. Now multiple options will appear you need to hit the “Discover People”.
    Find Anyone on Instagram Using Phone Number
  4. (This step is for those people who didn’t allow Instagram to access contacts). Tap to Connect option to connect contacts.
    Find Anyone on Instagram Using Phone Number
  5. Tap on the “Allow” when the confirmation popup prompts.
    Find Anyone on Instagram Using Phone Number
  6. Now Instagram will automatically pick up all the contacts from your phone that are also on Instagram.

If Instagram doesn’t update the Discover People list, then refresh it one of two times it will update the list according to contacts soon.

How to find someone’s Instagram – Universal Procedure

Except find Instagram by phone number, users can adopt the universal procedure. That is by searching the username which can be a bit confusing.

Few names are the identity of millions of people, so we feel a problem in finding the person using the username search bar. Instagram web users can access anyone’s profile using the Profile URL.

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