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How to Fix FIFA 23 Keeps Crashing on PC


FIFA 23 is the new edition of the most popular digital soccer game in the world developed by EA Sports. This is probably the most iconic sports digital game ever created. Also, the most playable game on the Play stations.

Fifa is a high-end game and its requirements are really high. Also, the game is newly released so it didn’t attain stability yet! After frequent updates, this game will set the world on fire for sure.

FIFA 23 Keeps Crashing on PC


We have seen many complaints about the FIFA 23 for example, FIFA 23 FPS Drop, FIFA can’t connect to the server, etc. Today, we are dealing with the complaints that indicate FIFA 23 crashing on PC.

How to Fix FIFA 23 Crashing on PC

To be honest, we didn’t try this game yet! Few of the frequent visitors in our social community told us about the game and ask us for help in fixing the issue of Clownfled 2042 crashing on PC. We don’t know much about the game but we surely know how to fix such errors in any PC-based game.

Clownfield 2042 Crashing on PC

While visiting other communities we come to know that many other people who tried the FIFA 23 facing the same issue. If the issue is not at the development end then the below solution is enough to fix FIFA 23 crashing on PC.

Why Does FIFA 23 Keep Crashing On PC?

You need to acknowledge that there can a lot of reasons why FIFA 23 keeps lagging on your computer. Because the game was first developed for high-end devices, you can encounter some errors while playing it on your PC. Some of the famous reasons for this problem are listed below:

  • Outdated Drivers
  • Outdated Windows OS
  • Enabled Overlocking
  • Launching FIFA 23 Without Admin Privileges
  • Corrupted Game Files, etc

When there is more than one reason for FIFA 23 Keeps Crashing issue, you need to perform several workarounds until the problem is bypassed. So for your benefit, I’ll describe several solutions, so you can enjoy your FIFA 23 gameplay without any lags.

Run FIFA 23 As An Administrator

With administrator privileges, some programs don’t run correctly. They just don’t allow to benefit the guest accounts, because of trust issues. So it’s better to always run games and applications with administrative privileges.

  • Right-click on FIFA 23 and select Properties
  • Navigate to the Compatibility tab
  • Check Run this program as an administrator
  • Now click on Apply >> Ok
  • Run FIFA 23 to see if this fixes the startup crashing issue.

Verify FIFA 23’s Integrity

In case FIFA 23’s files are corrupted or missing, you have the option of verifying the game from Steam. This will fix the corrupted files and add the missing files required to launch the game.

  • Open Steam and navigate to Steam Library
  • Now right-click on FIFA 23 and hit Properties
  • Select the Local Files section
  • Click on Verify Integrity Of Game Files
  • After the verification process is completed, relaunch FIFA 23

Update Display Drivers

Every game runs with the help of the installed display drivers. So in case, they get corrupted, you’ll face several lags during your gameplay. So for a better gaming experience, always keep your display drivers up to date.

  • Press Win + X keys and select Device Manager
  • Expand the Display Drivers tab
  • Right-click on the installed device and select Update Driver
  • Select Search automatically for updated drivers
  • In case of a pending update, allow your computer to install it and restart your device.

Update Windows 10

To check whether if your Windows has corrupted files or not, update the OS to the latest version. That’s one way to check whether if there’s something wrong with the game or your operating system.

  • Launch Windows 10 Settings and navigate to Update & Security
  • Click on the Install now button.
  • Allow your OS to install the pending updates and restart a couple of times.

Disable Unwanted Tasks

Some third-party programs may be consuming lots of your device’s processing memory. So it would be better to close all the tasks that slow down your device’s speed. It’ll also help you to boost your device’s performance level.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager
  • Under the processes tab, locate the tasks that are consuming affecting CPU performance
  • Now select an individual program and click on End Task
  • Do the same for all the tasks that are affecting badly on your CPU’s processing.

Turn Off Overlocking

Overlocking is quite a good facility when it comes to enjoying high-end games on slower or older devices. But sometimes, it can also create errors as FIFA 23 Keeps Crashing on Windows 10. So if you have enabled Overlocking on Windows 10, disable it and check if it resolves the issue here.

Detach External Devices

Several external devices can intercept your gameplay. And that’s why most of FIFA 23’s multiplayer mode gets crashed. So if you have attached an external device that is of no use during gameplay, disconnect and check if now you can play FIFA 23 without facing any errors or not.

Reinstall FIFA 23 on PC

A corrupted game can be very frustrating and annoying. So the best way to fix it is to reinstall FIFA on your device. So if still, if you facing errors with FIFA 23, try reinstalling it on your computer.

  • Open Steam and go to Library
  • Right-click on FIFA 23 and hit Manage
  • Click on the Uninstall option and confirm your action
  • Once the game is uninstalled properly, restart your Windows PC
  • After your OS reboots, open Steam Client
  • Use the search bar to locate FIFA 23
  • Reinstall FIFA 23 on PC
  • Now Enjoy!

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