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What is Facebook Take a Break Feature and How to use it?


Take a break! Stop the irritation, don’t want to see more from him/her! There were many reasons why Facebook introduced an option named “Take a Break” much time back. The option is individually available for each and every profile on Facebook. Anyone can use this option against every profile activate on Facebook.

Today our author will teach you what is the purpose of the Facebook Take a Break feature and also how to use this option which is quite simple. So, let’s Begin!

What is Take a Break Feature?

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Recently read an interesting comment on Facebook Feature” Take a Break”.

If you are a fan of the international Fame Sitcom “FRIENDS” then you will exactly know what the “Take a Break” feature means. Conversation between Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross (David Schwimmer).

This feature was introduced so that users can avoid the rotten eggs on their News Feed and Profile. There are always few friends on our Facebook Account who continuously annoy you. Most of the time they are family members who post unlimited posts just like they have free internet connection for a lifetime. They unnecessary tag you in their every 2nd or 3rd post. Sometimes your friends also act as a rebel against you just to irritate you.

Facebook Take a Break

The problem is you can’t block them they will create an issue. In the next meeting, they will grab your neck. Muting notification is also not an option whenever you will open an account, you will have to see all of the crap they prepared for you. What is the middle way to avoid irritating people on Facebook without blocking them? And, the answer is “Take a Break”. An option that is not known to all. Only geeks know about this option.

Dual Sided

This option act as dual-sided for the user. Means, user can restrict their acts and also own acts for them. Whenever a user will avail of this option, Facebook will help you to avoid or view limited posts and stories of them. On the other side of the picture, FB will also prevent those people to view all the stuff user posts daily. Only a few of the content will be shown to them or maybe they will not see any stuff of you.

Consequences of using “Take a Break” Feature

What exactly happens when you implement the “Take a Break” Phenomenon on someone’s profile on Facebook.

The Front Side of Picture – Limit What you see of others

This theory is personally examined by the author on one of the profiles from his Facebook Friends circle.

When a user will activate “Take a Break” on someone’s profile, the Facebook Algorithm will quickly take action just like a “Cyber Police”. It will prevent the person from viewing the user’s stuff as much as possible. It depends on the beneficiary how much he wants to hide or what will be the intensity of restriction, just like shown in the below screenshot.

On the user’s side, Facebook will not show any stuff or will show some uploaded by the person you don’t like on FB. Also, Facebook won’t prompt or show the person’s name on the list while you trying to mention a friend in the comment. Users have to search by typing the complete user_name of that person.

The backside of Picture – How much you want to Make their “View”?

That’s the best part of Taking a Picture Feature and the algorithm working behind that. The profile owner will not even know that you (FB User) have imposed restrictions on them, Fb will not let them judge.

Facebook Take a Break

They can’t see any of the stuff posted by a featured user. Except for that post in which they are tagged by a user, they can’t see any post of the user on the Facebook News Feed. Once the user activates the “Take a Break” feature, onwards all the posts users upload can never appear on the targeted profile “News Feed”.

Don’t forget that option may not be applicable to past posts and other content.

Exemptions – Where “Take a Break” doesn’t act

There are few options or features, which are outside the boundaries of the “Take a Break” Algorithm. Few illustrations are written below for the concept clarity.

Messages – FB Messenger

No doubt, FB messenger is just a part of Facebook but it is an independent platform. Messenger is totally different from the actual Facebook account, both are just like each other. Even if a user has used the “Take a Break” Feature on someone’s profile, still both parties can message each other anytime they want. Take a break will not affect the activities inside the Messenger.

Wall Posts

Both users can see each other walls and what is present there unless privacy is On. The author wants to say if users hadn’t set the privacy “Who can see your posts” then the other account holder friend can easily view what is on your wall.


If coincidently both parties write comments on the same post like on a mutual group post or page post, then they can see each other comments. Even they can reply to each other comments anytime they want.

How Long Facebook Take a Break Works

This option is not dependent on any time limitation, in fact, users don’t have the option to set the time either. Once the user checks the “Take a Break” option will keep working in the future unless the user removes the restriction at own.

How to Take a Break from someone on Facebook

Well, Facebook is available on multiple operating systems. So the procedure to use Facebook Take a Break feature is a little bit different for each platform. Let’s start with the Facebook Web version.

Facebook Take a Break feature on Web

Launch the Facebook website Sign-in page on your browser. Sign-in through your credentials (Email/Number and Password). Search and Open the profile of that person from which you want to take a break. Explore the options from the “Friends Button” and choose the option of Restrictions.

If you are facing difficulty in finding the option by yourself, directly visit the link below.


It’s a Facebook dedicated web page for “Take a Break”. Type in the username of another person from which you want to get mental freedom. Now you are ready for taking a break from your Facebook account.

How to use Facebook Take a Break Feature on iPhone?

Using Facebook Take a Break on Phone is relatively easy as compared to the web version. All you need to do is to launch Facebook App on iOS. Sign in on Facebook App, if not yet!

Tap on the search icon, type the user name of that irritating person you want to get rid of. Select his/her profile from the list. You will see a “Three dotted” Menu icon alongside messages and call options as shown in the screenshots above.

How to Take a Break from someone on Facebook (Android)

Tap on the menu icon, select the first option “Friends” marked blue. A popup will emerge right in front of you with 4 options, Select Take a Friend option. Now, all options appear what Facebook can do for you in terms of restrictions on other people.

What you want to see or what not? What you want to make that person see of you and what away from his/her view? Depends on you.

Closing Remarks

Everybody needs to take a Break from anybody

If a user doesn’t want to offend someone or break a heart by blocking him/her then this is the best solution. Irritation, annoying can be bearable at certain limits. You can’t hit someone, may you even resist them. But, at least you can stay away from their sights and keep them away from yours. This is the exact concept behind the Facebook Take a Break feature. Hopefully, this tutorial will help you to understand “Take a Break Feature well.

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