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Fix: Facebook Messenger Delayed Messages [2022 Guide]

  • Facebook Messenger plays a vital role in the Meta platforms.
  • It’s used for communication purposes, but only by Facebook users.
  • Many users have to bear the Facebook Messenger Delayed Messages error, so I will deliver some workarounds to bypass it.

Facebook Messenger Delayed Messages

With a huge number of daily users, Facebook is becoming the most preferred social platform. And with the addition of Facebook watch, it has become a competitor of YouTube.

But seems like, the Messenger app is kept left in the race, so users have to encounter various issues like delayed notifications or messages. So if you are a victim of this problem, consult the following section.


Instant Fixes

  1. Check the internet connection.
  2. Update the Messenger app.
  3. Clear Messenger’s app data.
  4. Re-Enable app notifications
  5. Re-Enable Messenger notifications.
  6. Allow Facebook to send/receive notifications.

How Do I Fix Facebook Messenger Delayed Messages?

Some app and systematic corruptions can lead you towards Facebook Messenger Delayed Notifications and Messages. So to bypass this situation, a user is required to perform more than one workaround. I have added some solutions that will work as a medicine in fixing this error.

Ensure Quality Network

Before performing any of the following methods, you should make sure that the connected network is working properly or not. You can consult with platforms like speedtest.net to examine the current state of your network.

In case you are notified about a poor network, try power cycling your network router. You need to restart your router after disconnecting all cables from it. Afterward, connect your devices to it when you are sure it’s back alive-n-kicking.

Update Messenger

Updating your app can also help you fix Facebook Messenger Delayed Messages. Because the app’s upgrading would be helpful in resolving the issues encountered in the previous versions.

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Use the search bar to open Messenger
  • Tap on the Update button.
  • After updating the app, restart your phone.

Remove Messenger’s Temporary Data

Users can clear the messenger app’s cache data to fix this glitch. Because some of the junk files can cause trouble, while they are about to receive a message or notification.

  • Long-tap on Facebook Messenger’s icon and select “App Info”
  • Navigate to the Storage Usage section.
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear DataFacebook Messenger Delayed Messages
  • After removing the junk files, launch Messenger and log in using your Facebook ID.

Enable Messenger Notifications

In case you are troubled by Facebook Messenger Delayed Notifications, you should ensure that the app’s notifications are enabled from your device’s settings.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Go to the Notifications tab.
  • Tap on “Manage Notifications”Facebook Messenger Delayed Notifications
  • Enable the toggle of Messenger.

Enable In-App Notifications

Ensure that the notifications have been enabled from the app’s settings. So that there’s no delay of message notifications and you can receive them in time.

  • Open the Messenger app and tap on your profile icon.
  • Go to the Notifications & Sounds tab.
  • Enable the first toggle.Facebook Messenger Delayed Messages and Notifications
  • If the toggle was enabled already, turn it off and on.

Grant Required Permissions

Users should grant required permissions to Facebook Messenger, so it could execute the required processes. It would be best to check that all the required privileges are granted, so the app can notify you at the very instance of receiving messages.

  • Tap-n-hold on the icon of Facebook Messenger and select “App Info”
  • Go to the Permissions tab.Facebook Messenger Permissions
  • Make sure to enable access to required services like SMS, Phone, and Storage.

Contact Support

If none of the aforementioned methods helped you in fixing the issue, you should consider contacting customer support. To do so, simply tap on your profile icon on Messenger, and from the appearing menu, select Report Technical Problem. Now, enter the problem you are facing and tap on the Send button.Facebook Messenger Support

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix Facebook Messenger Delayed Messages at it’sDailyTech.

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