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Facebook Dating not Showing Up: Fixes


How to Facebook Dating not Showing Up? This tutorial is the perfect answer. Facebook just launched a new feature in limited regions. It is known as the Dating feature just like Tinder, Match, Bumble, etc. This feature helps the single person to find their perfect match and date with them. This feature is newly launched, people are complaining that this feature didn’t show up on their device yet!

Well, as we said this feature is not globally and it’s totally new. Maybe this feature is not available in you’re region or, your app is not updated yet, Or, there is an issue with your OS/device. There can be multiple reasons behind this issue.

The below-mentioned solutions below are checkpoints and fixes. So follow them one by one. Kindly don’t mess with the sequence of these solutions.


Check your Internet Connection

The first checkpoint is the internet connection. You already know Facebook and other social apps works online only. Maybe your internet connection is messing and you don’t know about it. Or, there is an issue of frequent disconnection.

Open Google or YouTube and play any video. Let’s see if the video runs without pause or not. If the video stops somewhere it means your internet connection is weak or not working. Kindly contact your ISP and register your complaint. After the internet connection becomes workable, you will be able to use the Facebook Dating Feature.

If there is no problem with your internet connection and still the Facebook Dating not showing up, proceed to the next solution.

Check App Update

App updates are the most important thing to do on time. No matter how much stable OS you are using, it will be useless without app updates.

Facebook Dating not Showing Up

Update your Facebook App from the Google Play Store or iOS AppStore.

Search the Facebook App on Playstore it will appear with an update button if available.


Navigate to your Profile icon, select My Apps & Games. Update all apps including Facebook.

Enable Location Services

May you don’t know that the dating feature or app works in the locations. It accesses those people who are nearby to your current residential place. So, that you both people can enjoy an easier date which is in easy access. App needs certain permissions to operation. For example, Access to storage, access to camera, contacts, manage phone calls, messages, etc.

Similarly, you need to enable the location services to use the Facebook Dating Feature. If you didn’t allow the Facebook app to access your location, the Dating feature will not work.

Clear Facebook App Cache

Clearing cache is one of the most recommended solutions by tech experts in case of any app-related issue. Especially for social apps and browsers, it is a must to clean these apps’ cache twice a week at least.

Clearing the cache of any Facebook App is a very easy procedure. It is located in the Settings, then apps, then Facebook. Follow the below steps.

1. Open the Android Settings App on your phone.

2. Select the applications and then select Facebook App.

3. Tap on the Storage option and then tap Clear Cache.

Reinstall Facebook App

Uninstalling and reinstalling is like starting life again. When you uninstall software or app from any app, it will delete all the app data and files. By this trick, the corrupt files related to the app will also get deleted.

Facebook is an account-based app all data is store on Facebook servers. So uninstalling the Facebook app will not delete any of your gallery data or internal app data.

  1. Uninstall Facebook App.
  2. Clear the overall cache of smartphones.
  3. Clear the app caches.
  4. Reinstall App and use it. It’s a 99% chance that this app is working fine. The rest of 1% is for the Facebook Globally Down issue.

Contact Facebook Support

As we already mentioned earlier that this option may be available in limited countries only. Maybe, your region is not present in the Facebook Dating Feature list. The best breakage to this barrier is to contact Facebook Support and ask them why Facebook Dating not Showing up in their region. They will guide you the better. This issue is minor. There is no need to perform potential solutions like Factory Reset, Hard Reset, etc.

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