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Fix: Face Unlock Not Working on Android 12 [2021 Guide]

  • Several users are complaining about Face Unlock Not Working on Android 12.
  • If you are facing such an issue after the Android 12 update, you can assist with the drafted procedures.
  • I have added solutions to aid you in resolving this error by implying some troubleshooting methods.

Face Unlock Not Working on Android 12

Google has finally delivered the new version of their operating system i.e; Android 12. Certainly, many individuals are complaining about being unable to benefit from the Face Unlock facility after they updated their smartphone OS to Android 12. So I am going to provide guidance for such individuals who are troubled by this irritating error.

How Do I Fix Face Unlock Not Working on Android 12?

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Either the software update isn’t installed properly or the installed OS isn’t responding well with the Face Unlock algorithms. So considering such possibilities, you can perform the following workarounds to bypass the Face Unlock Not Working issue.

Re-Enable Face Unlock

Sometimes your OS is unable to respond correctly to the corresponding requests, in that case, you can simply re-enable the services, to check if they start working or not.

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Locate and visit the Security tab.
  • Tap on the Face Unlock option and Disable its toggle.
  • Afterward, Re-Enable it after 10 to 15 seconds.

Reset Face Unlock

Resetting the Face Unlock facility can also be quite resourceful. Because it allows you to re-enter your facial expressions and your device gets to respond correctly according to your current face expressions.

  • From the Settings of your smartphone, navigate to the Security tab
  • Select Face Unlock and re-index your facial expressions for further assistance.

Ensure to re-index the facial expressions that don’t cause you any trouble in the future. Try to make it easy for your device’s OS to ensure your privacy and security. Else, you can also add the pattern, strong passcode, or fingerprint for your convenience and peace of mind.

Examine Software Updates

Maybe your system software is corrupted or some files are missing from it, so you need to check if there’s a pending update or not. Because every batch file comes with the fixes to various bugs that occurred in the previous versions.

  • Open the Settings App on Android 12
  • Navigate to the About tab
  • Check if there are any pending Software Updates or not.
  • If you are notified about an update, allow your system to install it, instantly.

Users can also wait for the Android 12 update, as it may bring some fixes. So if you are unable to update, for now, you should wait until the developers release an official update to resolve all such critical errors.

Hard Reset Your Smartphone

It’s a possibility that some of the third-party apps are not fully compatible with the latest Android OS. Or, your device’s storage is affected by malware that entered from a malicious website.

Further, while your phone was updating to the latest version of Android 12, the process was interrupted and the files weren’t installed correctly. In that case, the only option left for you is to hard reset your Android device.

You can get the reset options from the Settings app. But before proceeding to such a process, do remember to create a backup of your important files. Because after a hard reset, all your disk storage and app data will be erased from the device.

Several third-party apps are available for such a cause. But if you are unaware of such a procedure, you can visit the Google Support page to create a backup of data and restore it without having to waste any real money.

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