Everything You Need to Know About Clubhouse (Now Available on Android in India)


    Clubhouse for Android is the top discussion of the past 3 months in the technology world. It is one of the most unique social apps ever made. A totally audio-based social platform that took the world by storm. This app has become a billionaire in less than a year. No other app got such fame in records. Congrats! Indian Android users! you have got the much-awaited app.

    Initially, Clubhouse was released for iPhone only and it took a year to launch it on Android. The most interesting thing about this app has become the favorite of many celebrities and business tycoons as mentioned below. They will give you precious suggestions from their personal experiences and mutual talents.

    What is Clubhouse?

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    The clubhouse is an Audio-based social media platform. It is now emerging, Viral, and was launched in 2020. A thing that makes Clubhouse unique and influential is the invitation-only installations and use. Only a already Clubhouse member can send you the invite link.

    Clubhouse for Android

    Initially, it was for iOS devices only. But in this year, in the month of march developers started rolling out Cubhouse for Android testing versions around the globe. Now Clubhouse for Android is also available in India.

    The app was originally designed for podcasts under the name Talkshow. Later the app was rebranded as “Clubhouse” and officially released for iOS devices in March 2020.

    Behind the Clubhouse App?

    This app is the invention of Alpha Exploration Co, a USA-based technology company. The key persons behind this sensation are Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the masterminds behind the idea.

    Clubhouse for Android

    The app went viral in the COVID 19 pandemic and many countries were pushing their second lockdown. People were feeling bored at home, this app got their attention and the rest is history. Before December 2020 there were already 600K users registered users on Clubhouse. It’s a massive below for an immature Invitation-only social app.

    Interesting Fact: As people were facing difficulty in joining the app due to Invitation-only reasons, there were some opportunists who were selling each Clubhouse invitation link for 400$ on ebay. It sounds like the free stay and food at a five-star hotel with an over-expensive entrance fee. No need to pay for the link just wait for your turn.

    Will Clubhouse continue invite-only?

    It seems that the Invitation-only based operation is temporary. As the platform is in an emerging state so, the company has to manage the resources for a larger database. As soon the company became able to handle the audience of millions, they will make it direct installation and use it just like plug-n-play.

    Financial and Users Stats

    The app was started from scratch as there was no noteworthy amount for development and marketing before investments from others.

    According to Crunchbase, Andreessen Horowitz was the lead investor in all three investment-raising series of Clubhouse (Series A, Series B, Series C). In the first series, the popular capital firm gave $12 million to Clubhouse. Due to this amount, the app was valued at over 100 million dollars.

    There are 7 other investors of Clubhouse; Audrey Gelman, Tiger Global Management, DST Global, Elad Gil, Kortschak Investments, L.P., Tim Kendall, and Scott Belsky.

    • By December 2020 the total number of users on Clubhouse was 600,000 approximately.
    • In January 2021 when the app fame skyrocketed, the number of users increases to 2 Million.
    • By end of February 2021 the number of users skyrockets to 10 Million people.
    • Active users are 2 million per month approximately.

    Interesting Fact: There is a reason why Venture Capitalists valued the Clubhouse at $4 Billion at the end of series C. Twitter is interested in acquiring the app for the exact price. Just look at the mentioned stats how this app got fame, investments, attention, and hype in less than a year. That’s what we call fortune knocked at the door.

    According to Wikipedia, The app has also seen interest in partnerships, with the National Football League announcing a content deal that same month.

    Other Facts

    Clubhouse lets the streamers create a group where they can interact with upto 5000 people in voice chat rooms.

    Once an unknown platform has now got rivals like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Reddit, and Slack. These giants are creating their own products to complete with Clubhouse.

    The clubhouse has successfully passed through the great firewall of China. The apps ensure privacy and no data leaks. In fact, it is more popular in China than in any other country.

    Celebrities That Joined Clubhouse

    Here is the list of some notewrothy Celebrities and richies that are addict to Clubhouse. Here, they interact with their fans and followers talking about general or professional life.

    Mark Zuckerberg – Founder and CEO of Facebook

    One of the richest people in the world, the founder of the tech giant and most accessed social media platform ever. He discusses everything from the nature of virtual reality and augmented reality to the future of technology.

    Kevin O’Leary – The investor and financial expert

    Clubhouse for Android

    He is like the beta version of Warren Buffet. He loves to share his sound financial investments and becoming successful in the business world. Famous celebrity that appears in Shark Tank

    Malcolm Gladwell – The Writer

    Clubhouse for Android

    The famous author and thinker have a Clubhouse account also. He tells you about the philosophy of life. He launched his new book Think Again by Adam Grant.

    The book explores new ways of finding new perspectives and learn how to rethink thinking in daily life.

    21 Savage – The Rapper

    Clubhouse for Android

    Rap lovers don’t need an introduction to 21 Savage! The rap sensation the artist of global hit track “Rockstar” Alongside with costar Post Malone. He will teach the techniques to rap.

    Wiz Khalifa – Always High Rapper

    Clubhouse for Android

    See you again! of course, you heard this song. Wiz Khalifa is a huge fan of Clubhouse which he told in the tweet “my brain sounds like clubhouse all day so I’m glad they made an app for it.”

    Kevin Hart – The comic Genius!

    The richest and most popular comedian of this era is on Clubhouse. Guess what he will do at Clubhouse? Don’t eat or drink while listening to him on Clubhouse because you are gonna spit it out.

    Elon Musk – Tech Billionaire (Tesla, SpaceX, Open AI & More)

    He is not needy of introduction. A giant tech billionaire, the third richest person in the world, by the way, his net worth got drop recently due to the Bitcoin Crash. He is one of the most genius minds of the 21st century. He will discuss his vision, achievements, future plans of space, and other stuff with his listeners on Clubhouse.

    Drake – (One of Billboard Top Chart Artists)

    Clubhouse for Android

    Drake is a prominent name and shining star of the American music industry and he is popular all over the world. Here is also a fan of Clubhouse where he loves to interact with fans. He is a fun guy and his fans love him singing and discussing on the Clubhouse app.

    Oprah Winfrey – Most Successful Media Person

    Oprah is also known as the queen of the media with the experience of 3 decades. She is well-known for her influence, way of talking, and charming personality. Surely a most popular of Clubhouse celebrities. She will share her life and media experiences.

    There are many more celebrities like Instagram influencers, Actors, Actresses, Comedians, Singers, Sports starts etc.


    After reading the “Rise of the Clubhouse” the rise of Instagram comes in our mind. Once a paltform that was sold for $1 Billion now have the market value of $102 Billion. If we see the past situation parallel to Clubhouse than the speed of Clubhouse is many times more. If Clubhouse continue to emerge like this than maybe it will be included in $100 Billion fortune comapnies in the furture. Clubhouse for Android is available in India, go and get this.

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