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How to Fix Ethernet Not Working in Windows 10 [2022]

  • Ethernet is used in various fields, related to connectivity.
  • It is used for wired connections, like LAN and WAN.
  • So here, I will discuss ways to fix Ethernet Not Working in Windows 10.
Ethernet Not Working in Windows 10

The ethernet connection plays a vital role in every PC owner’s life. It is mostly used for creating a wired LAN connection, to help consumers attach multiple devices to one another. However, one of its main use is also a connection with the internet. Instead of using WiFi in places where fast bandwidth speed is a necessity, users prefer a wired connection.

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By any chance, if the Ethernet services get disabled on a computer, you can’t be much productive. Because then, you will have to rely on the signal strength of your router/modem. At home, it’s ok to use WiFi, but at the office, where you can’t compromise on the bandwidth and uploading speed, a healthy internet connection is required.


How Do I Fix Ethernet Not Working in Windows 10?

Users are allowed to implement various methods to bypass ethernet connectivity-related issues on Windows 10. They can reset the network services and make certain customizations, to force their Windows PC to work like a charm. And, start connecting with the LAN or internet via Ethernet Cable, without any issues.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Update Network Drivers

One good way to resolve faulty Ethernet Drivers is to update them. Usually, the drivers are updated automatically, but if they are not, you can also update drivers in Windows manually.

1. Launch Device Manager on Windows 10.

2. Expand the Network Adapters tab.

3. Right-click on the Ethernet Adapter and select Update Driver.

4. Select the Search automatically for drivers option.

5. Once the drivers are updated, allow your system to restart.

Troubleshoot Network Adapter

Users can also bypass any network-related issues using the built-in troubleshooter. The operating system helps you identify the trouble and fixes it instantly, if possible.

1. Launch Windows 10 Settings.

2. Go to the System tab.

3. Select Troubleshoot >> Other troubleshooters.

4. Click on the Run button, present beside the Network Adapter.

5. Select the Ethernet option and hit Next.

6. Now, wait until you get the appropriate results.

Reinstall Network Drivers

Reinstallation of ethernet drivers can also be quite helpful for users who are unable to connect to the internet. Because then, Windows 10 will run the ethernet-related services from scratch, and hopefully, you will not face Ethernet Not Working issue again.

1. Open the Device Manager utility using the Cortana search.

2. Click once on the Network Adapters tab to expand it.

3. Right-click on the installed Ethernet driver and select Uninstall device.

4. After uninstalling ethernet drivers, restart your computer.

Network Reset

Individuals can also decide to restart their Network connectivity. This would allow Windows OS to try to connect with the Ethernet services. The OS will check the ethernet connection, Wi-Fi, and other networks connected with your computer.

1. Open Windows 10 Settings

2. Same as before, navigate to the Network & Internet tab

3. Now click on Advanced Network Settings >> Network Reset

4. Hit the Reset Now button.

5. For better results, restart your computer, once the process is completed.

Automate WWAN AutoConfig

Individuals who are not interested in performing any manual configuration should keep WWAN AutoConfig alive-n-kicking, for better Ethernet connectivity on Windows 10.

1. Press Windows key+S and type “Services“ in the bar.

2. Click on the “Services”.In the Services window, find the “WWAN AutoConfig” service, double click on it.

3. WWAN AutoConfig Properties window will be opened, check the ‘Service status‘, if it is “Running“. In case, if it is ‘Stopped‘, simply click on “Start”.

4. Click on the drop-down menu to expand the option” Startup type:” and select “Automatic“ from the options.

5. Now finally you can click on “Apply” and then on “OK” to save the changes on your computer, Close the Window after the action.
Reboot your computer once to apply the changes.

Check Power Management

Some power settings put Ethernet connection to sleep, during the Power Saving mode. It’s better to command Windows OS, to never turn off such services, at any cost.

1. Press the Windows key‘ and ‘R‘keys (Win + R) to open the Run Command.

2. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the Run window then press the ‘Enter‘ keys together to open the program.

3. In the Device Manager window you need to click on “Network adapters” from the list to expand it. At the options list, Right-click on your network adapter and click on properties.

4. Click on Power management Tab and check Allow the Computer to turn off this device.

Update Windows OS

Most of the common issues on Windows are encountered by systems with outdated OS. In that case, users should always keep their system updated, so they can avoid any critical issues like the Wi-Fi icon has disappeared.

1. Launch Windows Settings

2. Navigate to Windows Update

3. Click on Check for Updates

4. In case of a pending update, allow your system to download & install the required files.

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