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How To Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone, iPad, & Mac


Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone: All of us already know about Google Dark Mode. However, recently Google has updated its dark mode with a new pitch-black dark theme. The newly updated Dark Mode is fully compatible with the iPhone OLED screen. It removes all of the small blemishes on the screen. These blemishes can be seen by users on different spots while using the Google Chrome web browser in dark mode.

Previously, the Dark mode on Google was coming with a greyish theme. Moreover, while using the Dark Mode, the text color was also slightly off and was not matching the theme properly. However, if you want to use the newly introduced Pitch Balck Dark mode on your Apple devices, then the following article will help you. So, keep reading to learn all about the method to Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone, iPad, & Mac.

Note: The Darker Dark Mode was not available on my iPhone search App. However, some of you guys must have it or it will be out soon.


Note: We have also seen limited devices with the new Dark Mode, so there is a chance, that it is not 100% publicly available.

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Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone

Improvements In Dark Mode To Make The Darker Dark Mode

There are not so many advantages of using the newly updated Dark More. However, the following improvements enhance the user experience of using the Dark more.

  1. The old Grey Them has been replaced by a Pitch Black theme.
  2. The text colors are a perfect match with the Darker Dark theme.
  3. Dark them is available on Google Search Bar Widget.
  4. While using the New Dark Mode, the device consumes less battery as compared with Old Dark Mode.
  5. The New Dark Mode is available on Every smartphone and PC.

Availability of New Dark Mode

Google Tweeted that the new Dark Mode is available for every device. This includes all smartphones, laptops, and Desktops. However this is not it, the Darker Dark Mode is also available at every place from where you can search google. Including the Google Search Widgets on every device.

So, till now we have seen two versions of the new Dark theme offered by Google. And the best explanation that we came up with is that Google is using the A/B testing method on users. To see which one is liked by the users. So, why is Google doing this?

Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone

As we know, both Dark Mode models are not perfect, so there is a chance that Google will add another option for the user to select the Dark Mode (Grey or pitch black). Just lie the Twitter Lights Off” feature. Moreover, we have also seen that google is testing many new improvements on the home page, like adding a news feed to the right side and the bottom of the home page and many more.

How To Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone, iPad, & Mac

If you are already using the Dark Mode on your device, then it will automatically be converted to Darker Dark mode, until Google decides to add it separately. However, the method to enable it will remain the same, The only difference will come at the time of selection, whether you want to get Grey Dark Mode or pitch back Dark Mode.

However, if you are new then read the following steps to enable Dark Mode on your device. The following method is fully working on iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. For iPad and Mac devices the method is slightly different.

Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone

Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone & Android

  • Open Safari web browser on your Apple Devices
    • You can also use other web browsers like Opera, Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome, and others.
  • Now visit Google.com.
  • Tap on the three-line (Hamburger) option on the top left side of the screen.
  • A drop-down menu will open.
  • From the menu tap on the Dark Theme option to Enable or Disable it.

This is how you can enable Google Dark mode on Android, iPod touch, and iPhones. Moreover, by enabling google search dark mode on iOS safari, the OLED display will increase its appearance and provide a pitch-black view to the user.

Enable Google Dark Mode On iPad And Mac

On Mac and iPad follow the given method to enable Safari Dark Mode.

  • Open Safari on your device and read to Google.com.
  • Now Tap on the Settings option on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • A pop-up menu will appear.
  • From the menu tap on the Dark theme option to enable or disable Dark mode.

Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone

This is how you can Enable Google Dark Mode On iPad And Mac.

This article was regarding the method To Enable Google Dark Mode On iPhone, iPad, & Mac. If you have any questions, regarding this topic, iOS, iPad OS, and Mac OS. Then ask in the comment section below. Thank you for your time and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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