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How to Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S22


The following guide will help users understand the required procedure to Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, or S22 Ultra. So if that interests you, because you are willing to turn on services like USB Debugging, keep reading the rest of this post.

Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S22

Some features like USB Debugging, OEM Unlocking, and Stay Awake are added to Developer Options so that every user can’t mess with them. Such services are basically provided for developers who are willing to install custom ROMs or transfer data from one device to another.


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How Do I Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S22?

The process of enabling Developer Options on S22 is little different from enabling any facility. Because such a service is kept hidden from every user, you have to unhide the facility, to make it accessible. Here are the simple steps required to complete this task.

  • First of all, you need to launch the Settings app. You can launch it from the Quick Panel or from the App Drawer.
  • Swipe down and select the last option, indicated as “About Phone”. This option would help you reveal the real information about your device.
  • Now, hit the “Software Information” tab. Here, you can view the information about the installed OS, whether you are receiving the auto-updates or not.
  • Simply tap 7-times on the Build Number to turn Developer Options On. You will also be required to confirm your identity by entering the right pattern.
  • After bieng notified about Developer Options enabled, navigate back to the Settings app.
  • Swipe down and at last, you will acknowledge that Developer Options has started to appear.
  • Navigate to Developer Options to enable your desired hidden facility.
  • But once your job is completed, turn it off and perform the same steps to enable it whenever you please.

Should I Enable Developer Options?

It depends on your work, if you are willing to install custom ROMs or different OS than the default ones, then you need to enable OEM Unlocking, before proceeding.

Else, lots of other options are also provided by the manufacturers, so that advanced users can make the most out of their Samsung Galaxy devices.

However, do remember that enabling different services from Developer Options will not result in the void of your mobile’s warranty. But installing custom ROMs will do that, so before rooting your Samsung Galaxy S22 devices, keep this warranty policy in mind.

What is USB Debugging?

USB Debugging is a facility that is provided by mobile manufacturers to help users transfer data from their computers to smartphones. Such a facility only works, when a user has connected his mobile device with his PC.

But such a service can only be enabled from the Developer options, so do remember to follow the aforementioned procedure to turn these services for a successful data transfer.

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