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Download YouTube Videos using 4K Video Downloader Free – Complete Tutorial


How to Download YouTube Videos is probably one of the most searched queries ever. So, today we will guide you how to download 4K Videos from Youtube. Also, check the 4K Video Downloader, the best in business.

YouTube is the biggest Video Host in the world and there is no doubt about that. If someone opens the web then it’s quite possible that his/her second click will be on YouTube according to Alexa and Stats. From the countless benefits of YouTube, there is one drawback that every viewer complains about is the unavailability of a download option.

Why YouTube doesn’t give a Download Option

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Now there are two logics behind that. Content creators on YouTube do much hardwork to get views, subscribers, etc. This will increase their income and capability of creating better content.

If YouTube gives Download option then it will be beneficial for viewers but a huge loss for a creator. Once someone downloaded a video, the user will never visit that video on YouTube. Also, there are more chances of copyright violation if the YouTube Direct Download Video option is given.

That’s why YouTube doesn’t give a direct download option. And, according to the logic, they will never give it in the future too. There are only a few videos that are not protected by copyrights so, Youtube only gives a save offline option. You can save video offline but it will remain inside YouTube App only.

Why we need a 4k Video Downloader

YouTube was founded in 2005 and its almost 16 years since its launch. The direct downloading option was not available from the beginning. Meanwhile, a lot of developers had developed thousands of downloaders that download videos from YouTube. But, most of them have maximum support of 720p. Only a few downloaders hardly give you the support of 1080p.

Now is the time when you can see UHD, 4K, 8K videos on Youtube. There is a countable number of downloader apps and websites that support high-resolution videos for downloading. The rest of all downgrades the Video quality. Among those apps, we find an authentic source known as a 4K video downloader. This tool can let you download 4k Videos from YouTube in exact quality as they are available.

Features of 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is the owner of many distinguished features.

Download Multiple videos at a time. All other downloaders let you download only one video from any platform at a time. But, 4K Video Download by 4KDownload.com is the only one where you can download videos in a queue at a time.

No time limitation. Some video downloaders crash if you try to download a large size video. This means if the video is more than a hour then the other downloaders fail. But, the 4K Video Downloader lets you download a video from 0.1 seconds to 5 hours long video from YouTube.

Upto 4K Videos. This is the key feature of this app. It allows you to download Videos from YoutTube in 4K quality without any charges. Just remember to use the 4K Video Downloader on WiFi. Because 4K Videos are very large in size. A single video can ruin your monthly internet Data package.

Simple UI. The app is pretty easy to use. You just need to copy the Video URL from YouTube and paste it on the 4K Video Downloader URL Bar. That’s all, there is not any single complication in it.

4K Video Downloader for PC

There is a massive blow in 4K Video Downloader. Now you can also download 4K Video Downloader for PC. Download the app from www.4kdownload.com. Through this tool, you can directly download YouTube Videos on Computer using the Video URL.

Visit the YouTube Video on your browser that you want to download. Click on the Share icon and Copy URL.

Open 4K Video Downloader app on Desktop, Click on the Paste Option. Let the app fetch the video.

Download YouTube Videos on Computer

Select the Video Quality and click on the Download button.

Download YouTube Videos on Computer

It will start downloading the video right away.

Platforms Supported By 4k Video Downloader

There is a big list of platforms that are supported by a 4K Video Downloader. It doesn’t only Support YouTube but various other video hosts and social platforms too.


Now, we are moving to the procedure for what you are here for. Follow the steps written in the below procedure to download videos from YouTube with 4k Video Downloader.

Download YouTube Videos using 4K Video Downloader

First of all, you have to Download the 4K Video Downloader app on your Android Phone. The app is available on Huawei App Gallery and also on Windows officially.

Download YouTube Videos

  1. First, install Huawei App Gallery on phone, then install 4K Video Downlaoder from Huawei App Gallery.
    Note: These files are APK so, you have to enable the unknown resources from your phone settings for both apps.
  2. Open the YouTube App and search video that you want to download in 4K or below resolution.
  3. Tap on the Share icon and then Copy Link.
  4. Open the 4K Downloader app, tap on Paste Link button.

Download YouTube Videos

The app will automatically detect the video and began Downloading. You can also select the video quality from the app.


So, viewers! this was the procedue to download YouTube Videos in 4K using 4K Video Downloader App. This Procedure is a bit lengthy but not difficult. Kindly, don’t misuse the app like downloading the content which is protected by Copyrights. Only download the stuff which is free. Violation of Copyrights is the serious crime and convict have to face serious legal Consequences.

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