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How to Download Apps on LG Smart TV [2-ways] 2022


Do you want to learn how you can download Apps on LG Smart TV? itsdailytech.com is bringing the most comprehensive and easiest method to do so.

Owning a Smart TV set now is part of the lifestyle. And, when it comes to the best smart TVs of 2022 and so on, LG comes in our mind as one of the best TV manufacturers.

How to Add Apps to LG Smart TV

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Here is the procedure to add apps to LG Smart TV. We tried our best to explain the way as easier as possible.

Since there is no Android OS in the LG Smart TV, people may find it difficult to add the app to LG Smart TV. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t download the Android app on LG Smart TV.

You are an itsdailytech.com visitor, not an ordinary or peculiar LG TV user. Through this article, you will get two ways to install apps on smart LG TV.

Before you start the procedure, assure that Your TV must be connected to an active internet connection.

Press the Home button on your TV remote this will redirect you to the LG Content Store on the smart TV.

Download Apps on LG Smart TV

You will Apps Category at the top of the content store. Select the category and it will open a list of all apps available on the LG Content Store.

Now make a selection of which apps you want to add to LG Smart TV, press the install button once you made your mind.

Once the installation gets complete, you are ready to use the app on LG Smart TV.

Procedure #2

Do you know that you can install third-party apps on LG Smart TV with an easy method?

Want to learn how you can add the third-party app to LG Smart TV? Follow the procedure written below to get the answer.

It is not possible through the stock options of LG Smart TV. No matter you can’t get Android OS on LG Smart TV, you have the option to attach the Firestick on LG TV which works equally better

Install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV

Ensure that your TV must be connected to an active working internet connection.

Connect the Firestick device to the LG TV through the HDMI port, turn your TV On, and firestick device too.

Pick up your remote change the channel to the input channel where the firestick is connected.

If you are logged in to firestick’s Amazon account already, you need to log in to your Amazon Account on FireTV first.

Users who don’t have an Amazon Firestick¬†account can create a new one. It is necessary to gain access to the Firestick features.

Browse through the various apps and select which one or more than the one you want to install on LG Smart TV. You maynot be able to download the app but can stream the app content right away.

What happens if your LG TV storage becomes full?

If your LG Smart TV storage is full then that’s not a big deal because you have other options!

LG Smart TV users always have an option of external storage like USB drive or SSD Storage with cable.

Final Remarks

Remember, you have an option to install apps on LG Smart TV but that doesn’t mean that you can install and use all apps. Maybe most of the times you are not able to add app to LG Smart TV because of the compatibility issue. Also, there are many apps that are regionally restricted, you may not be able to install such apps due to area restrictions.

Only LG can solve such problems.

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