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[2022 Fix] Discord Not Loading on Edge Browser

  • Discord is a digital distribution platform, used for communication purposes.
  • It has a desktop app, but also comes with a web client, which is preffered by online users.
  • There have been complaints about Discord Not Loading on Edge Browser, so I will be delivering fixes for it.

Discord Not Loading on Edge Browser

Discord web client users started facing issues while launching it on Google Chrome. So they started to shift on Edge browser, because of its chromium support.

But now, Edge users are also unable to launch Discord, because of numerous issues. So if you are a victim of this error and want to bypass it, consult with the following section.


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How Do I Fix Discord Not Loading on Edge Browser?

Users are required to consider all the possible scenarios that can lead towards Discord Not Working or Loading issues. If they still want to keep using Edge to launch Discord web client, they should perform the following workarounds.

Customize DNS Settings

Tweaking your DNS settings can be helpful in fixing this error. Because the selected DNS values were maybe broken and may lead you towards Discord site loading problems.

It’s not at all harmful for you to customize the DNS, but only if you are entering the values that will connect you with the right DNS server.

  • Launch Edge Settings
  • Navigate to “Privacy, Search, and Services”
  • Inside the Security section, select the “Choose a service provider” bulletCustomize DNS Settings
  • Choose Google DNS or Cloudflare (
  • Try loading Discord on Edge.

Turn Off Preload Pages

The preload pages facility loads a website from the browser’s cache. So whenever a website crashes, its cache is added to the browser, and you may be facing the same issue, if it’s not cleared.

Such a process is done, only if you have enabled Preload Pages on Edge. So you need to ensure that it is disabled from the browser’s settings.

  • From the Edge Browser’s settings interface, select “Cookies and Site Permissions” from the left pane
  • Click on “Manage and delete cookies and site data”Turn Off Preload Pages
  • Disable the Preload Pages toggle and relaunch Edge.

Discard Extensions

Some third-party extensions can lead to numerous issues, including Discord Not Opening on Edge. So you need to uninstall/discard such add-ons to get rid of this error.

  • Navigate to edge://extensions/ using the URL bar
  • Locate the problematic extensions, disable their toggle.Remove Extensions
  • If the problem is solved, remove/uninstall the problematic extensions from the browser.

Clear Browsing Data

Website cookies data is collected by Edge, and some of it is also stored in the cache memory of the browser. So whenever a glitch gets stored within the cache memory, users start to face issues in loading a website.

This action would also be helpful in fixing any page loading issues, encountered by users of Edge on Windows 11/10. It’ll help them improve the performance level of the system.

  • While Edge browser is launched, press Ctrl + Shift + Del keys from the keyboard
  • Choose whatever you want to be removed from Edge (I would recommend checking all the boxes)Clear Edge Data
  • Now, click on the “Clear now” button to complete this task.

Re-Open Edge

Sometimes the browser’s resources aren’t responding well to a user’s request. In that case, a user is required to only re-open the browser by following a proper protocol.

So that the browser can start from scratch and pick up the right amount of resources, required for a smooth launch.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager
  • Go to the Processes tab
  • Select Edge browser
  • Click on the End Task button.Re-Open Edge
  • Now, reboot the system
  • Launch Edge Chromium on your PC.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix Discord Not Loading on Edge Browser, at it’sDailyTech.

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