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Android Full Facebook: Desktop Version of Facebook on Android


Not everyone likes to experience limited services on their handheld devices. Many smartphone users still prefer to search for things that could make their smartphone work like a computer. Likewise, some users wish to use the Desktop Version of Facebook on Android. So if you fall under such a category of users, your one desire will get fulfilled through this article.

The reason why people prefer to access Facebook Desktop Version is that it contains all the services. No facilities from Facebook are missing from this version. For instance, you could view the sent friend requests list on Android. Else, it also contains services like managing groups and pages with ease.

3 Ways To View Desktop Version of Facebook on Android

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You may not be aware of the fact, but there are more than one ways to use the Desktop Version of Facebook on Android. So if you are unaware of such services, I’ll be guiding you to accomplish such a goal with ease. Because all of the provided methods can assist you well in the if using Facebook Full site.

1.Enable Desktop Site On Chrome

Users can access Full Site Facebook on Android without having to pay a single dollar. They can simply launch a web browser on their handheld device and enable the desktop site feature on it. I’ve seen this facility on all the famous free web browsers on Android. But I’ll provide guidance using Google Chrome.

Desktop Version of Facebook on Android

  • While using Chrome on Android, tap on the three-dotted icon to navigate to its menu.
  • Now check the Desktop Site checkbox.
  • Afterward, launch Facebook Desktop Site on it.

2.Use It While Visiting Facebook Web

You have the option of enabling the Facebook Desktop Version at any instance. There’s no restriction on enabling such a facility before you visit this website. Because such a feature in web browsers on Android isn’t only available for Facebook users.

Facebook Desktop Version

  • Launch Google Chrome and visit Facebook.com on it.
  • While visiting the website, tap on the three-dotted icon and select Desktop Site.
  • Now your Facebook App version will be converted into Facebook Desktop.

3. Using Facebook Desktop Link

There’s also a direct link that could lead you towards your desired destination i.e; Facebook Full site. You just have to visit this link on your desired web browser. It works perfectly on Chrome, Samsung Web Browser, Yandex, Firefox, etc. However, in case you are unable to benefit from Facebook Desktop Link, use the above-provided methods as an alternative.

Facebook Desktop Link

  • Launch a web browser on Android.
  • Visit https://www.facebook.com/home.php
  • The above-provided URL address is case sensitive, so please do enter or the same address. Or you can also copy & paste it into your URL bar.


How Do I Request Desktop Version of Facebook on Android?

You don’t need to request for Desktop Version of Facebook on Android, because you are allowed to enable such a facility whenever you like to. Just use the Desktop site facility from your web browser and you are good to go. And you can turn on this service while using Facebook or before launching it.

How Many Version Of Facebook Are Available?

So far, I’ve found four different versions of the Facebook web. The first one is Facebook.com, which presents desktop usage. The other three are listed below:

  1. m.facebook.com (Mobile Version)
  2. l.facebook.com (Tablet Version)
  3. p.facebook.com (Only Notifications)

What If Safari Browser Isn’t Supporting Facebook Desktop?

In case the Safari Browser isn’t supporting Facebook Desktop, you can perform the following steps:

  • From the Safari Browser’s interface, navigate to Preferences
  • Now go to the Security section.
  • Select Enable JavaScript checkbox and close the dialogue box after saving the changes.
  • Thereafter, relaunch Safari on iOS.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading the Desktop Version of Facebook on Android (2021 Guide) on itsDailyTech.

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