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How to Fix Dell Touchpad Not Working [2022]

  • Dell Touchpad comes in different shapes.
  • It’s meant to deliver convenience for laptop owners.
  • I will talk about methods to fix Dell Touchpad Not Working.
Dell Touchpad Not Working

Dell laptops are considered the most reliable devices with Windows OS. They are preferred by every niche user, people who want their computer to be a perfectionist. But since there are not many good laptops that are easy to lift and reliable, consumers like to keep up with Dell laptops.

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There have been complaints about Dell Touchpad stop working immediately. It’s not nesscary that it’s a hardware issue, primarily a software-side issue, that usually gets triggered due to fault OS files and outdated drivers.


How Do I Fix Dell Touchpad Not Working?

In this section, I will discuss some authenticated ways to bypass the Dell Touchpad Not Working issue. I’ll be using some Windows OS built-in services to help you enable Touchpad and update its drivers, to make it alive-n-kicking.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Use Keyboard Shortcut

If you see a light appearing at the corner of your Dell Touchpad, it means that it’s bieng disabled. In that case, you should consider enabling it manually. So before implying any lengthy procedures, it would be best to try a keyboard shortcut.

On Dell laptops, the shortcut to turn the touchpad on/off is Fn + F9 keys. But on some upgraded models, it may be different. So there are two things you can do, either Google search for the Dell model’s shortcut key for enabling the Touchpad or double-tap on your touchpad where the light is appearing.

Enable Touchpad from Settings

In case using the shortcut keys for enabling Touchpad is a no-man show, you should consider consulting with the Windows OS settings. This would help you save time and get the job done without any complications.

1. Launch Windows Settings.

2. Navigate to Devices.

3. Select Touchpad from the left pane.

4. Enable the Touchpad toggle from the right pane.

Turn On Touchpad from Control Panel

Another useful way of enabling Touchpad services is from Control Panel. This OS utility would allow you to manage all the hardware attached to your laptop.

1. Launch the Control Panel using the search bar.

2. Navigate to Hardware and Sound.

3. Click on Dell Touchpad.

4. Turn on the Touchpad toggle.

Modify BIOS Configuration

If the Dell Touchpad keeps getting disabled or you still can’t enable it, you should consult with the BIOS settings, and force enabling it from there.

1. Boot your Windows Laptop.

2. As soon as the Dell icon appears, press the F2, F8, or Del keys to get into BIOS settings.

3. Now, change the value of Touchpad to Enabled.

Uninstall Mouse Drivers

Some additional mouse drivers can mess with your default touchpad. In that case, your job is to uninstall the installed mouse drivers and only keep up with the touchpad drivers.

1. Press the Win + X keys.

2. Select Device Manager from the context menu.

3. Expand the Mice and Other Pointing Devices tab.

4. Right-click on the additional mouse driver and select Uninstall Driver.

5. Once the driver is removed, restart your Laptop.

Update Touchpad Drivers

In case you are still unable to make the Dell Touchpad work, you need to consider the possibility that the touchpad drivers are outdated. You can update the drivers manually or automatically, as you prefer to do so.

1. Launch the Device Manager.

2. Expand Mice and Other Pointing Devices.

3. Right-click on the Touchpad driver and select Update Driver.

4. On the next window, select Search for drivers automatically.

5. After successfully updating the drivers, restart your computer.

Once your system reboots, you will surely be able to benefit from Dell Touchpad. So for future reference, ensure that all the installed drivers are updated to the latest version. And, update Windows OS, whenever you are informed that there’s a pending update.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix Dell Touchpad Not Working, at it’sDailyTech.

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