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How to Customize Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S22


The following post indicates a solution to Customize Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. So that users of S22 can easily change the font style or size, whenever they please, without using any third-party application.

Customize Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S22

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 variant has a lot to offer to its users. It’s the best top-notch product that Samsung has manufactured, but its functionalities are quite similar to the previous S21 variants.


So in this new model, users can also change the font sizes and styles, according to their requirements. Because by default, the SamsungOne font is selected. But users are also provided with the option to customize Samsung Galaxy S22’s fonts, depending upon their needs.

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How Do I Customize Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S22?

Various font styles and sizes can be selected from the device’s settings. So that users don’t have to consult with unknown app publishers, just to get a useful keyboard. In addition, if you are using the native keyboard styles, fonts, and sizes, you will face any lags, while creating a text message or typing search terms. So it’s recommended that you prefer to use native services to complete such a task.

  • Launch the native Settings app on your S22 device. (launch it from Quick Launch or Apps Viewer)
  • From the list of various sections, tap on General Management (to get the keyboard, language, text-to-speech, and date & time settings)
  • Select Samsung Keyboard Settings from the given options (so you can start to change keyboard-related settings)
  • Navigate to Font Size and adjust the onscreen scale to choose the enlarge or squeeze the presented fonts.
  • Go back to Keyboard Settings and from Looking for something else section, tap on Font Size and Style
  • From here, choose the font size through the provided scale, and enable the Bold Font toggle to make the available text more appearable.
  • Now, navigate to Font Style and select a style that meets your requirements.Change Samsung Galaxy S22 Fonts

In case you are satisfied with the available list of Font Styles, you need to tap on the Download Fonts link. This action would allow you to launch the Samsung fonts gallery, from where you can add more fonts for your convenience.

Various Font options like Samsung Sans, Cool Jazz, Choco cooky, and Rosemary are available for your to download for free. You just need to tap once on the download button that’s presented beside the font style’s name. And once the downloading of fonts has been completed, you can select it and start benefiting from it.

Alternative Ways

In case you are not intrigued by the native keyboard fonts, you have the option of choosing one product from the best keyboard apps. But do remember to use the applications that are developed by trusted publishers. So that you never have to face any complications while using your device’s keyboard.

There are lots of keyboard applications, but I will only recommend you the ones that provide the best and safe services. Here are a bunch of apps that you can use instead of your native keyboard.

  • Chroma
  • Gboard
  • SiwftKey

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