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How to Install Crunchyroll on Hisense Smart TV [2022]


There must be one of these operating system services on your Hisense TV.

  • Android TV
  • Roku TV
  • Fire TV
  • Google TV
  • Vidaa TV
  • XClass TV
 Home screen > Google Play Store > Crunchyroll > Install 

 Go to Apps > Launch Crunchyroll > Sign-in > Stream Anime 

Crunchyroll is the Netflix of Otakus. This platform is like the GOAT platform of Anime. Otakus love it so much that they just want the subscription to this platform no matter, how much it costs.

When it comes to Anime streaming watchers prefer big screens like smart TVs. As Anime gives more thrill and chills on the big screens. All smart TVs have the capability of any supported app you want and Crunchyroll is one of them.


We saw a lot of queries at the questioning answering platforms about the Crunchyroll app on Hisense Smart TVs. They are asking if can they install Crunchyroll on Hisense Smart TV. Well, of course, you can, in fact, you can do it in multiple ways.

The above short guide will teach you how to do this in a short way. If you want the answer in detail please read the guide written below.

Crunchyroll on Hisense Smart TV

There are hundreds of TV viewing apps available on the Hisense Smart TV platform, and they can be accessed via the Hisense TV Plus web portal.

From sports to news to live TV, there’s a huge variety of channels and programs available on the Hisense network.

Fans of teams that are not shown on their local network can catch all their favorite Anime on Hisense TV.

Being original and witty, being fresh and engaging. So when it comes to streaming from your mobile device, you’ve got a few options.

You can either Airplay from an iOS device, DLNA from an Android device, or Miracast from a Windows 8 system. The Hisense Smart TV also has its own app store for adding other features and video apps.

These are the most popular apps on Hisense Smart TVs: Netflix, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Crackle, E! Now, and Pandora. All of these third-party apps have their own interface for inputting information and launching videos.

How to Install Crunchyroll to Hisense Smart TV using the Internet Apps (Plus) platform

First things come first, Make sure that your Hisense Smart TV is connected to an active, working, and stable internet connection.

Pick up your Hisense Smart TV Remote Control and press the “Home Button2 times. The home button will be symbolized better “V“.

Now you will see all apps that are installed on Hisense Smart TV. You will see different categories like My Apps, Featured, Latest, All Apps, and Categories.

Now browse through the categories and look for the Crunchyroll app you want to add to Hisense TV.

There is also a search bar through which you can search the app title if you have one in your mind.

Select the app and hold the OK button on your TV remote till the new app shows up in the My Apps tab.

Second option: Use Apps on Hisense TVs using Screencast

There are Hisense TVs specific models that came with a limited number of apps depending on the OS version they have. If you want an app on your TV but it is not available specifically! What will you do now?

Well, you always have a screen mirroring on Hisense TV as an alternative option. You can install apps on your Smartphone or Laptop and then cast them on Hisense Smart TV using Screen Mirroring.

Crunchyroll Hisense TV Screen Mirroring on Laptop

Screen Mirroring from Windows Laptop to Hisense TV is easier now because Windows has the built-in option now. Now Windows users can wirelessly display Laptops on Hisense TV.

  • Press the Windows + K keys together.
  • It will open the Windows Connect Slide on the right side.
  • Select Find other types of devices option from the bottom.
  • Click on Add Bluetooth or Other Device.
  • Select Wireless Display or Dock option.
  • Choose the Hisense TV from the list of available devices. You are ready to Mirror PC on Hisense TV.

Using Google Chrome

Users can also Install Crunchyroll to Hisense Smart TV using Google Chrome Cast Option on Laptop.

Open Google Chrome on your Laptop and search YouTube. Visit the website and search for the video that you want to cast.

Click on the Three Dotts Menu icon on the Google Chrome top right side right ahead of your account icon.

Choose the Cast option from the menu. Google Chrome will search the nearby available devices.

Select your Hisense TV from the list and gets connected with that.

Final Remarks

These are the possible ways to install Crunchyroll App on Hisense Smart TV.

We appreciate Hisense for making the smart TVs is budget but, there are some serious problems with their TV OS.

It is so laggy so unstable and so incomplete in terms of apps.

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