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How to Create Apple ID on Android Phone


A quick guide to creating Apple ID on an Android phone. You must have an iPhone to create to Apple ID. Who said this to you? To create an Apple ID a.k.a Apple Account, you just need a smartphone or Computer, browser, and internet connection that’s it.


  •  Visit appleid.apple.com on your phone browser. 
  •  Fill in the requirements needed. 
  •  Continue to the verifications. 

Create Apple ID on Android


What details do you need to fill in to create an Apple ID? Here are the details.

  1.  First Name 
  2.  Last name 
  3.  Country 
  4.  Birthday 
  5.  Email ID (Gmail preferred) 
  6.  Password 
  7.  Confirm Password 
  8.  Country Code 
  9.  Phone Number 
  10.  Verification of credentials 
  11.  Captcha 

Now here is the detailed procedure that you need to follow to create an Apple ID on Android Phone. You can follow the same procedure if you are creating an Apple Account on Windows.

1• Launch Browser on Android Phone (We recommend Google Chrome or Safari)

Create Apple ID on Android

2• Visit the URL appleid.apple.com/account.

Create Apple ID on Android

3• Fill in the details that are required as we mentioned above.

4• After filling in the details, tap on the Continue button.

5• First, you need to Verify your Email Account.

  • Open your Mail, look for the mail sent by Apple and Open it.
  • Memorize the code and enter it on the Apple ID website.

Create Apple ID on Android

6• Secondly, you need to enter the code that Apple sent you on your Phone number. It will be in your stock Messages app.

Create Apple ID on Android

7• After entering both codes, you need to wait for a few seconds.

Your Apple ID is created successfully.

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