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Crackle Not Available In Your Region, How to Watch?


How you can watch Crackle outside the US if Crackle Not Available In Your Region? We are providing a satisfactory answer as well as a 100% working guide to solve this.

Crackle is the digital media content streaming service by Sony, one of the largest creators and product manufacturers in the world.

Crackle is just like Netflix which creates its own content and also acquires copyrights of content by others to stream.


Crackle has emerged as a media giant and Go-to option. Surely, the second choice of users after Netflix. Even more popular and better than Amazon Prime.

Films, Dramas, Miniseries and much more you can find on Sony Crackle. A variety of content under one shelter with versatile video definitions.

The Crackle streaming service is owned by Sony Entertainment. Users can see some of the exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else. Even some of the other production houses have their content only on Crackle.

There is only one problem in Crackle as compared to Netflix and i.e regional restrictions. Its Services are available in limited regions only.

if you are from the US, you can, fortunately, take complete leverage of their service. But there is no area coverage in many other states.

What you can do if Crackle Not Available In Your Region?

Well, there are a few tricks which are effective and 100% working. These tricks will surely let stream the Crackle anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Use Authentic VPN Service

You need to download ProtonVPN on Windows PC or Android/iOS smartphone. As my preference is my Laptop so I am going to download ProtonVPN (i am already using it) on a PC.

Visit Here to Download ProtonVPN.

Select the US

Crackle Not Available In Your Region

Sign up with your Mail account on Proton VPN for account activation.

After account registration, you will see a list of servers from the left pane. Look for the United State or the US from the list.

blankUnder the country name, you will have hundreds of servers, choose anyone.

Once the connection gets established you can open and use Crackle Outside US.
Only a few servers are available for free in Proton VPN. If someone has more servers with high-speed unblocking, ProtonVPN paid services are a must-have.

blank That’s how users can use Sony Crackle Outside the US.

Using SmartDNS

There is another way to get access to Crackle Services outside the US Or, where the Crackle services are not available. It comes to streaming if some other option is better than VPN then it will be SmartDNS. They offer you a connection cleaner and more stable with more speed.

A SmartDNS works in and simpler way that shifts your location and enables you to access area-restricted services. SmartDNS assigns you a fake IP address and easily accesses any content and goes beyond all regional restrictions.

Similarly, any user can prefer a SmartDNS in case, they want to access Crackle which is not available in your region. There are many SmartDNS services available on the internet which are pretty much handy to use.

How do I fix Crackle in my region?

This whole tutorial guides you on how to fix the Crackle app in your region. If you are in an area where Crackle services are not available then VPN and Smart DNS are good options.

Is Crackle available outside the US?

Crackle’s main markets are in the US and Australia, but it’s also available in many other countries. The protection rights for each region are different, so Crackle prevents anyone outside those locations from accessing their service.

What countries is Crackle available in?

Crackle is available in the United States and territories, all for free. Other Countries with Crackle are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela in Latin America.

Why is Crackle not available in Canada?

No Crackle is not available in Canada. And Yes! Crackle is completely free in Canada but with VPN only. However, you need to obtain a US IP address using a VPN service like ExpressVPN before accessing Crackle in Canada

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