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How to Connect a Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly


A complete guide on how to Connect a Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly. Samsung is one of the world’s leading consumer electronics brands.

In case, if someone doesn’t like the wired connectivity or HDMI cable is not available then this method will work.

About Samsung Smart TV

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The company has a rich history dating back more than 85 years and is headquartered in South Korea. Samsung is also one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, with a presence in over 160 countries.

Connect a Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly

Samsung has been making quality televisions for years, and their latest models are no exception. The Samsung Smart TV is a great option for anyone looking for a quality television with all the features they need.

How to Connect Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly?

The most effective way to connect Laptop with Samsung TV Wirelessly is using the Samsung Smart View App. This app is designed for exactly the same purpose. It connects the laptop with a Samsung TV portable to view the content on the big screen.

Visit the Windows 10 App Store or search for the Samsung Smart View App on your Laptops browser.

Install the Smart View App from a trustworthy source and wait for the process of installation.

Connect your Windows laptop as well as your Samsung TV to the same Wifi network so that, the connection can be established better.

After connecting to the Same WiFi, launch the Smart View App on your Laptop.

Connect a Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly

Click on the Connect to TV button. Samsung TV will now display a PIN. You have to enter it on your laptop which you can get from your TV settings.

Click on the Add content option and select the files that you want to view on tour TV.

The second option is to connect the Laptop to Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly using screen mirroring.

What is Samsung Smart TV Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a process that allows you to display the screen of one device on another device. This can be done by using a cable or wirelessly using Miracast or AirPlay.

Screen mirroring is often used in business settings to share presentations or to give demonstrations. It can also be used for personal purposes, such as watching movies or playing games on a larger screen.

Things you need to keep in mind!

Samsung Smart TV and your device (Smartphone/Laptop) must be connected with the same WiFi network.

It is necessary to establish a successful connection between phone and TV.

How to use Screen Mirroring on Samsung Smart TV

In the first procedure, we are guiding the Samsung Smart TV screen mirroring. Learn how to perform screen Mirroring on the device.

  1. Pick your Samsung TV Remote control and press the Home Button on it.
  2. Select the Inputs option from the available ones. Under this option, you will have another option “Screen Mirroring” select it.
  3. Samsung Smart TV screen mirroring gets enabled right away, after you perform the above steps.
    • If your TV has Apple Airplay, it will be under the Display and Sounds option under the Settings menu.

Samsung Smart TV Screen Mirroring (Windows PC)

We are explaining the Windows PC screen mirroring to Samsung Smart TV first. You can cast your windows Laptop on Samsung TV without the HDMI Cable.

Connect a Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly

Press the Windows + K on your Laptop, this will open the Windows Connectivity options.

  • Press the Windows + K keys together.
  • It will open the Windows Connect Slide on the right side.
  • Select the Find other types of devices option from the bottom.
  • Click on Add Bluetooth or Other Device.
  • Select Wireless Display or Dock option.
  • Choose the Samsung Smart TV from the list of available devices. You are ready to Mirror PC on Samsung Smart TV.

That’s all.

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