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How To Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone – Without Settings App


If you have just switched from an Android smartphone to iOS, then there are some things that you should know. The iPhone Operating System is quite different from the Android operating system. One of those things that you should know is the method to Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone. The Wi-Fi And Bluetooth, turning on and Off methods look quite similar to the Android operating system. But they are different in many aspects.

Here I will explain the method to Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone instantly without opening the Settings menu. Moreover, many readers will be confused by now, just to clear the confusion. If you disable WiFi or Bluetooth from the Control Center, then the iPhone will disconnect from Wi-Fi And Bluetooth. But it will not disable the Wireless services of the device (iPhone, iPad, and iPod).

Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone


Why Users Can Not Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone or iPad?

The control center on an iPhone is similar to the Quick Settings menu on Android devices. Both options, allow the user to access quick settings options like WiFi, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock, Mobile Data, Dark Mode, Flash Light, NFC, Battery Saver, and other utility options. However, if you use an Android device and you open the Quick Settings menu and turn off WiFi or Bluetooth, then it will be disabled completely.

But on the iOS platform, if you open the Control Center and disable Wifi or Bluetooth, then there are not turned off completely. Users can also notice that the toggle button on the control center has a whitish background. And all the other options are fully greyed out. This is an indication, that the WiFi and Bluetooth are not completely turned off. And they are active in the background.

What Apple Have to Say About This Scenario

Apple says that both WiFi and Bluetooth features states enabled. So that, the user can use other iPhone features like AirDrop, Location Services, AirPlay, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, Instant Hotspot, and many other features.

Apple is more focused on the connectivity of its devices with the complete Apple ecosystem. And by disabling Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Services, your device won’t be able to interact with other Apple devices and gadgets.

Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone

Drawbacks & Risks

Furthermore, The above-said features are very useful but most people don’t even use these features every day. When these features are not disabled completely, they can put a toll on the device’s battery life. Maybe some users can squeeze out an additional hour of battery life by disabling Wi-Fi And Bluetooth completely. Additionally, your devices may be vulnerable to outside attacks on the network, as it is not turned off completely.

How To Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone

To Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone there is a native way to do it without going to the settings menu. Users can also build a shortcut for this purpose. Moreover, in order to use the method explained below, you must have an iOS 12 or a later version. However, if you are running iOS 15, then you can easily do it by adding a Home screen widget from the Shortcut App.

To get instant buttons for Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone, you have to create a shortcut. iPhone and iPad users can create thousands of shortcuts using the stock Shortcut App on their devices.

How To Create Custom Shortcuts On iPhone

To create custom Shortcuts on your iPhone you have to open the Shortcut app on the device. Once you have opened the Shortcut app, then follow the steps below method to create WiFi and Bluetooth Shortcuts. Moreover, you have to create two different shortcuts for WiFi and Bluetooth respectively.

Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone

Create WiFi Shortcut

  • Open the Shortcut App.
  • Tap on Create Shortcut on the screen.
  • A new page will open, here tap on the search bar that is almost at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now enter Get Network Details.
  • Tap on the Get Network Details option under the Scripting option.
  • The Get Network Details icon will appear in the Shortcut App workflow section.
  • Now again use the Search to search for “If”
  • Open the If option under the Scripting section.
  • The If option will be added to the workflow section on the Shortcut app.
  • Now tap on the Value option under the Input option.
  • The Keyboard will open, on the top of the keyboard, you will see the Network Details option, in the row of options. Click on it.
  • The Network Details will now appear in the Value Field.
  • Now tap on the blue Done button on the bottom right corner of the screen to close the Keyboard.
  • Again tap on the Search bar and enter “Set Wi-Fi”
  • Now tap on the Set Wi-Fi option, appearing under the Scripting section.
  • The Set Wi-Fi option will now appear in the workflow section.
  • Now Tap on the Toggle switch locater on the right side of the WiFi option to disable it.
  • Long press on the Set Wi-Fi option and move it above the Otherwise option in the shortcut workflow section.
  • Tap on the search field and enter Show Result.
  • Select the Show Result option under the scripting section.
  • Now Long press on the Show Result option in the workflow section.
  • Now move it up above the “Otherwise” option in the shortcut workflow section.
  • In the Show Result option enter the following text “WiFi Off” and tap Done.
  • Tap on the search bar and search for Set WiFi.
  • Again select the Set WiFi option in the scripting section. If will appear in the workflow section, remember to leave the toggle switch to enable position.
  • Long-press on the Set WiFi option and move it above the “End If” option in the shortcut workflow.
    • The End If option should be the only option after the Set WiFi option that is on the enable position.
  • Again search for Show Result and select it in the scripting section to add it to the shortcut workflow.
  • Now long press on it and move it above the End If option.
  • Now enter the following text in the Show Result option “WiFi On”
  • Now Tap on the Done Button.

Test Created Shortcut

Tap on the Play button on the top center of the screen. If you are not connected to the internet, then the WiFi On message will appear. If you are connected to the internet the WiFi off message will appear. This is how you can check if the shortcut is working or not.

Customize Shortcut Appearance & Add To Home screen

After performing the test, tap on the Settings option on the top right corner of the screen to customize the Shortcut. The settings menu icon comes with two toggle switch icons. Now follow the following method customize and add the shortcut to the home screen.

  • The Settings screen will appear.
  • Here Tap on the Name option, the Keyboard will appear, enter the name of the Shortcut, which will appear on the home screen of the device. Name it to WiFi Toggle.
  • Underneath the Name option, there is an option labeled as Icon click on it.
  • Here you will be in the color section, selecting the background color of the App icon.
  • Now tap on the Glyph tap, and select the icon image from pre-selected options.
  • Now tap Done to save the changes.
  • You will go back to the settings menu, Here make sure that the “Show In Widgets” option is enabled.
  • Now Tap on the Add to Home Screen option at the bottom of the settings menu.

The Safari screen will appear. Here it will explain how you can save the shortcut workflow as a home screen icon.

  • On the safari screen tap on the Share icon and then tap Add To Home Screen”.
  • A new page will open, here just click on the Add button on the top right corner of the screen.

The screen will now close, and the newly created shortcut will be added to the home screen of your device.

How To Use Shortcut From The Widget Menu

The following method will show you how you can add a shortcut to the widgets menu.

  • Swipe right on the home screen until you open the Widget menu.
  • Here, under the Shortcut option, locate the newly created Shortcut.
  • Tap on the Shortcut to use it.

Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone

Create Bluetooth Shortcut

To create Bluetooth Shortcut, you have to follow the same procedure explained in the above method. However, you have to change commands accordingly.

  • Change the “Get Network Details” command to “Set Bluetooth”
  • Also, change the Name of the Shortcut you are creating.
  • Change the icon.

Use Our Premade Shortcuts

If you don’t want to follow the above method, then you can easily use ore premade shortcuts. The Shortcuts we have added below are created by following the methods explained above. However, I recommend that you perform the entire method by yourself. By performing these methods, you will learn them, and you will be able to create many other shortcuts, that will help you in your daily life routine.

Shortcut To Turn Off & Turn On WiFi

Shortcut To Turn Off & Turn On Bluetooth

Why Should We Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone?

As iPhones, iPads, and iPods don’t completely turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. So, these features use a substantial amount of battery life of your device. So by completely turning of these features, you will be saving a lot of battery life which may come in handy when you are at a remote location without a charging source.

This article was all regarding the method to Completely Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth On iPhone. If you have any questions, then ask in the comment section below. Thank you and keep supporting ItsDailytech.

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