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Fixes for COD Warzone Pacific Crashing After Updating on PC


Call of Duty is probably the theme most iconic game in the history of Videos game. The Giant Activision and the other giant Blizzard Entertainment joined their head together to give us a new map known as Pacific. The maps are added to the War zone recently and Call of Duty lovers called in love with the new location madly.

There is an issue with the Call of Duty Warzone pacific Map reported by many of the Twitch game streamers. As a call of Duty Fan (i don’t like PUBG!), I am addicted to watching the live streams of Many Call of Duty Streamers Twitch. Personally saw the crashing and lagging when the gamers were recording the match live. I think the issue is purely at the developer’s end. Blizzard Entertainment didn’t launch the optimal update this time, the issue seems to be like that.

Let’s see what we can do from our side to help you in fixing the Call of Duty warzone Pacific Crashing issue. Meanwhile, let hope the Blizzard developers are busy fixing this issue and give us a new update soon.


Before we write down the fixes, we want you to make sure that you fulfilled the Warzone pacific requirements. Here are the minimum and recommended requirements to play the Warzone pacific map.


Minimum Hardware:Recommended Hardware:
CPU: 4-Core with 4-Threads (Core i3 5th generation or above)


Storage: SSD (1GB Read/Write speed)

GPU: GTX 1050 Ti or RX 500 series graphics

Software: Windows 10

CPU: 6-Core with 12-Threads CPU


Storage: SSD (1GB Read/Write speed)

GPU: RX 570 or later and GTX 1060 or later.

Software: Windows 10

We want to give those users a suggestion who are playing Call of Duty Warzone on Windows 11 PC. It’s not the perfect combination I mean Call of Duty seems not enough comfortable with Windows 11.

On the other hand, Microsoft announced that they will work on Windows 11 more to make it perfect for all kinds of games. They promise to deliver stable software that brings maximum performance out of the hardware by the end of 2022. Till that date, we highly recommend Call of Duty Players to Download their System on Windows 10.

How to Fix COD Warzone Pacific Crashing Issue?

Here are some of the solutions from our side to fix the Call of Duty Warzone pacific Crashing issue on PC.

Follow these solutions one by one.

Update Windows

Microsoft frequently launches the updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11 for the betterment of their OS, clients and users. Windows update contains a lot of major and minor improvement including security patches and fixes to errors. So, we highly recommend you to update Windows in order to fix COD Warfare Pacific Crashing error.

Click on the Windows icon at the Taskbar and Select the Settings.

Fix Call of Duty Warfare Pacific Crashing

In the Windows Settings Menu, you will see an option Updates and Security at the end probably, click on the option.

Click on check for updates, if available click on the install option. Windows will start downloading and installing update right away. Once installed your PC will start several times for the changes implementation.

Once your device became ready to use, Again Launch the Call of Duty Warfar, select Pacific Map and play it. Hopefully you willn’t face the issue same issue again. If the bone is still in the throat keep following the next solutions.

Update Graphics Drivers

A game like Call of Duty Warfare Pacific requires high-end resolutions and support to the latest build of graphics drivers. So users should keep their device drivers updated to the latest version.

  • Press Win + X keys and select the Device Manager utility.
  • Expand the Display Adapters tab.
  • Right-click on the GPU device and select Update Driver
  • Select “Search automatically for drivers”
  • Thereafter, restart their PC.

Delete Cache Files

Some glitched game junk files can be problematic and cause trouble. Players need to Delete the cache files of the game to get rid of the junk that’s causing the trouble.

  • Press Win + E keys.
  • Go to the Documents folder from the left pane.
  • Navigate to My Games >> Call of Duty >> Activision
  • Right-click on the Cache folder and select the Delete option.
  • Reboot the system and relaunch Call of Duty Warfare Pacific.

Scan and Repair Game Files

You need to scan and repair game files in order to remove the malware if there is one. So, in order to scan and repair game files, you need to follow the below steps. Battle (dot) net [battle .net] store will assist in clearing game files.

Visi the Battle (dot) net store. View the Warzone page and click on the gear icon located beside the “Play” button.

Fix Call of Duty Warfare Pacific Crashing

You will see a menu appear with different option, now click on the scan and repair option among others.

Fix Call of Duty Warfare Pacific Crashing

Click on the Begin scan, it will take sometime to complete the scanning process.

Fix Call of Duty Warfare Pacific Crashing

Once the scan finished the platform will automatically scan the malware and bugs and will start removing them right away.

Fix Call of Duty Warfare Pacific Crashing

Turn Off Overlay

A program Overlay is supposed to assist you in launching various services at the same time. So in the case of Call of Duty Warefare Crashing Error, you should disable Overlays, to avoid any consumption of extra system resources.

  • Steam: Settings >> In-Game >> Disable the Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game option.
  • Discord: Settings >> Games >> Call of Duty Warefare >> Disable the Enable in-game overlay toggle.
  • Xbox Game Bar: Windows Settings >> Gaming >> Game Bar >> Disable the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar selection.
  • Nvidia GeForce Experience: Settings >> General >> Disable the In-Game Overlay box.
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