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[2022 Fix] COD Modern Warfare Split Screen Not Working

  • COD Modern Warfare is an FPS game offered by Activision.
  • The game offers a Co-Op Multiplayer mode, from which, many players are unable to benefit.
  • So here, I will discuss ways to fix COD Modern Warfare Split Screen Not Working.

COD Modern Warfare Split Screen Not Working

There’s no denying that game publishers like Activision deliver the best products in the market. And even, keep facilitating users having troubles during gameplay.

And whenever you are facing problems, you can contact the support team, but then you will have to wait for a couple of hours to bypass the encountered issue.


Instant Fixes for COD Modern Warfare Split Screen Not Working

Players should focus on fixing the game files, rather than implementing any customizations in the system. They should perform the following quick methods to bypass this error:

  1. Log in with one COD profile at a time.
  2. Verify COD game files.
  3. Disable cross-play
  4. Reinstall COD Modern Warfare.

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How to Fix COD Modern Warfare Split Screen Not Working?

The main reason behind the Split Screen Not Working in COD Modern Warfare is the corruption in its file directory. Else, players can also perform some other customizations to make work again on their system.

Note: Before implementing any of the below-mentioned procedures, restart your device and check if the problem is solved through a normal system reboot or not.

Inactivate Second Profile

Before launching COD Modern Warfare, ensure that the second profile is logged out and its controller is turned off too. This action would help you with any colliding between the two profiles.

Here’s what you should do to launch a split-screen game smoothly:

  • Log in using your primary account (the account that you used to purchase the game)
  • Filter out the playlists that don’t support split screen
  • Power on the second player’s controller and choose the second profile that you want to be added
  • Now, launch the map and see if that helps you in launching Split Screen mode or not.

Repair COD Modern Warfare Files

You just need to perform the following steps to command the client to execute the repair process for COD files:

  • Launch Steam
  • Navigate to Library
  • Right-click on COD Modern Warfare and select Properties
  • Go to Local Files
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game FilesRepair COD Modern Warfare Files
  • Relaunch Steam to benefit from the implied changes

Reinstall COD Modern Warfare

A player is required to reinstall the game on his device, just to get rid of file corruptions, that are far from repair.

To do so, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Steam Client and navigate to its Library section
  • From the menu of COD Modern Warfare, click on Manage → Uninstall
  • Once the game files are removed from the system, reboot your PC.
  • Now, reinstall COD Modern Warfare on Steam using your registered account.

Disable Crossplay

To make COD Modern Warfare work with Split Screen properly, disable crossplay. You can perform this customization, from the in-game settings.

  • From the main interface of COD Modern Warfare, click on the Settings icon
  • Navigate to Account & Network → Activision Account Section
  • Now, disable Crossplay and launch the map to check if the Split Screen issue is fixed or not.

Contact Activision

If the issue persists, you should contact Activision support. For that, click here to visit the official support page and log in using your primary COD Modern Warfare account.

Choose COD Modern Warfare from the Support menu and select a device on which you are having this issue.

While submitting a ticket, do provide an active email address, to hear from Activision support.

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