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Fix: COD Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Keeps Crashing


Campaign is the most preferred game mode in MW2. As it provides the opportunity of implying their army tactics to capture the bad guys.

This tactical mode works are a story mode, where players have to complete a different task and destroy the armies of drug lords.

But on some devices, the campaign mode starts crashing due to problems in the system or game files.


The problem may reside within the OS, drivers, or game files, that are causing MW2 to crash during gameplay.

How Do I Fix COD Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Keeps Crashing?

Here are some methods to bypass the MW2 campaign mode crashing issue. However, start implying them after you have restarted your computer and the game keeps crashing during the campaign.

Total Time: 7 minutes

Update Graphics Drivers

One thing that’s pretty clear is that you can’t run MW2 smoothly if your device is currently on outdated drivers. So the first thing you need to do is to update your graphics drivers.

Click here to visit my guide on how to update drivers. You can choose to update drivers manually via Device Manager or through the applications that help you stay updated without having to perform any extra hassle.

Turn Off Third-Party Audio Drivers

You should always ensure that there’s no overlapping between the drivers or any system files. Just in case, if you have installed any third-party audio drivers, you should disable them.

Once the third-party audio drivers are disabled, you should proceed to the campaign mode. You may not get the same audio now, but your game won’t crash, and that’s worth it.

Reinstall Microsoft C++ Runtime

1. Press the Win + I keys to launch Settings.

2. Go to the Apps & Features tab.

3. Uninstall all the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files.

COD Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Keeps Crashing
4. Go to the Microsoft website to download the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

5. Now, install the downloaded files and reboot your system, after the successful installation.

Decrease Game Graphics

Keep the game’s visual graphics to low, if you aren’t using a high-end PC. Else, if you are using a high-end gaming device, you should then opt for the Medium settings.

Because the higher graphics you are using, there are higher the chances that you’ll game will crash, as soon as there’s a decrement in the number of resources.

Repair MW2 Files

1. Launch the COD Modern Warfare Launcher.

2. From the right-sided interface, click on Settings.

3. Navigate to My installed games and select Modern Warfare 2.

4. Click on the VERIFY INTEGRITY button.

5. Relaunch COD MW2, once its files are verified.

Enable Assets Cache

The game’s Assets Cache would help you enjoy smooth gameplay, without having to put a lot of burden on your device’s GPU.

So it would be best if you enable the Assets Cache, to avoid any crashing issues during gameplay.

Reinstall MW2

As a last resort, you can reinstall Modern Warfare 2 on your computer. So the first thing you should be doing is uninstalling the currently installed game files.

Now, download the latest version of MW2 and install it in a different file directory. So that the game’s old cache files, don’t intercept with the newer version.

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