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[2022 Fix] Chromebook Network Not Available

  • Chromebook provides the option of using ChromeOS, for users who are bored by the same old Windows and Linux OS interfaces.
  • Such devices are popular because of their numerous facilities for internet users.
  • There have been reports about the Chromebook Network Not Available issue, so I will guide my readers to fix it.

Chromebook Network Not Available

Devices like Chromebooks should be perfect and free of system glitches. Because people buy such products hoping that they would not be annoyed by issues that are caused on their Windows or Mac devices.

However, if you are facing this Can’t Set Up Chromebook “Network Not Available” error, assist with the following section.


Fixes Summary

  1. Enter the newly generated password for a network.
  2. Enable network sharing
  3. PowerCycle router/modem
  4. Use a USB Ethernet adapter
  5. Use a different network
  6. SignIn via Guest Mode

How Do I Fix Chromebook Network Not Available?

Users need to consider all the possible scenarios regarding Network Not Available on Chromebook. Because this can be a system, hardware, or network error.

So by considering all the possibilities, I deliver some troubleshooting workarounds to bypass this error.

Check Designated Password

You may have entered the wrong password for the preferred network. So it would be best to check whether the designated password is correct or not.

You can show the password from the Wi-Fi tab if you please. But it would be a better option to remove the connected network from the list and then try reconnecting with it. So your Chromebook can connect with it from scratch.

Turn On Network Sharing

It may sound a little tricky, by enabling network sharing can help you bypass the Network Not Available error. It allows your Chromebook to spend extra resources, required to enable Wi-fi on your device.

You don’t have to exactly share your Wi-Fi, but only enable it while trying to connect with your Wi-Fi. To do so, simply enable the Allow other users to use this connection toggle, while entering your network’s details.Network Not Available on Chromebook

Restart Chromebook

Maybe some of the network resources are not responding correctly to the received requests. In that case scenario, you should consider restarting your Chromebook.

This would force ChromeOS to reboot its resources and force enable the ones, to help it connect with the asked network.

PowerCycle Router

Now that you have performed tweaks with the system, it’s time for you to examine your Wi-Fi status. Check your router/modem, whether it’s providing the right amount of signals to Chromebook or not.

Another way to fix any router/modem-related issues is to perform a power cycle. This action would allow you to reboot your router, so it starts responding well to the received requests.

All you have to do is to remove all the network cables from your router and turn it off. Remove the power cable from it and let it be for about 30 to 40 seconds. Afterward, turn it on and connect the network cables and try connecting your Chromebook with it.

Prefer USB Ethernet Adapter

It is a possibility that your Chromebook is not receiving the right amount of network signals, nor your router is providing them.

So in that case, you should consider connecting a USB Ethernet Adapter to your ChromeOS device. If you don’t have a USB ethernet adapter, skip to the next solution.

Connect with a Different Network

To be exactly sure that there’s nothing wrong with your Chromebook, you should try connecting it to a different network.

In case you don’t have another router/modem and you are using cellular data on your smartphone, create a hotspot and connect your Chromebook to it. Check if now your device is allowing you to perform online activities or not.

Login through Guest Mode

Using Guest Mode on Chromebook can also come in handy in fixing the Network Not Available error. So while logging into ChromeOS, prefer to use the Guest Mode. And once you have logged in successfully, try connecting with your preferred Wi-Fi.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix Chromebook Network Not Available at it’sDailyTech.

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