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How To Check Traffic To Work Or Home On Google, Android, & iOS


Nobody likes to get stuck in heavy traffic. Everyone wants the safest and quickest route to a destination. That’s why many users look for ways to reach destinations safely. So here, I’ve decided to provide a guide on How To Check Traffic To Work Or Home On Google, Android, & iOS.

While using Google Maps, you should acknowledge that traffic routes are indicated in three different colored lines. I’ve listed details of the colors that are shown on the map whilst you view traffic to work or home.

  1. Orange: Slowdowns
  2. Green: Good To Go
  3. Red: Crowded

How Can I Check Traffic To Work Or Home On Google, Android, & iOS?

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There can be several methods to Check Traffic to Work or Home on a device of your choice. If you are using a device that can’t install a smartphone map app, you can use the web version of Google Maps on your device. So I’ll guide both PC and smartphone owners to acknowledge how’s the traffic to work.

1. Check Traffic To Work Or Home On Google Maps

Gladly, Google maps web is available for the convenience of desktop or laptop device owners. So regardless of their installed operating systems, they can benefit from the Google maps services to view what’s the traffic to work. All they have to do is to perform a simple set of instructions to complete this task.

Check Traffic To Work Or Home On Google Maps

  • Visit Google Maps on a web browser of your choice.
  • On the left pane, type home or work inside the search bar and press Enter
  • Now that Google maps are showing lights and traffic routines, you can acknowledge such facts by navigating to your perspective section from the facility’s menu.
  • But the best results you get when you use it to view traffic from work to home or vice versa.

Note: Google Maps only works with locations that you have added to your account. So if you wish to benefit from this facility, do ensure that you have added your home and workplaces.

2. Check Traffic To Work Or Home On Android

If you are using a smartphone, no need of visiting the online map’s portal. Because now you’ll have the option of using Google Maps on Android to locate traffic from home to work. Though, please enable your GPS services and location access before launching the app.

  • From the Google maps home interface, select where you would like to go. You can use the search bar to open the route navigate to work or home.
  • Now click on the cubic icon from the right of the interface.Check Traffic To Work Or Home On Android
  • Select Traffic from the appearing menu.blank
  • The traffic with color indications will be shown of traffic to work or home.

Users can also use the alternatives to Google Maps on Android. Apps like Waze, Scout GPS Mapes, etc also provide great services. However, such applications work in limited areas. So before starting to use one of the third-party maps apps, do ensure that it’s available in your region.

3. Check Traffic To Work Or Home On iOS

Google Maps is available for both Android & iOS devices. So you can use the app to work the same on both smartphones. And to Check Traffic To Work Or Home, you can are only required to launch the app and perform the following steps by yourself:

  • Enter the destination of your journey.
  • Tap once on the cubic icon that allows you to view options.
  • Now select the Traffic tab to view real traffic details to work or home.

Every iPhone/iPad user has the option of using Apple’s maps app to locate real traffic to work or work. He can enable the traffic from the built-in map app’s home interface. However, the red signs show the heavy traffic. And the Orange color tells you that you can go with the flow.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading my guide on How To Check Traffic To Work Or Home On Google, Android, & iOS at itsDailyTech.

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