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Fix: Camera Crashing on Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro [2022]

  • Google Pixel devices are mostly preffered due to their astonishing camera app features.
  • Due to some bugs, many users have encountered issues with using GCam on their pixel smartphones.
  • So here, I will discuss some fixes for Camera Crashing on Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.
Camera Crashing on Google Pixel 6

Google has introduced a device that can compete with other smartphone brands like Samsung and iPhone. They have added good camera app features, to especially help those who want their happy moments to be saved and shared with their loved ones.

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But due to some software problems, the camera app keeps crashing on Google Pixel 6 mobiles. That’s mainly a firmware or cache trouble, that can be bypassed within minutes. Because the issue may not only be with the app but with your mobile OS as well.


How Do I Fix Camera Crashing on Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro?

If you have suddenly started to face issues with the camera app on your Google Pixel 6, it’s mainly because some services are troubling and the camera app is unable to collect the right resources to launch smoothly. In that case, you should perform some troubleshooting methods to make your camera app work like a charm.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Clear App’s Cache

A glitched cache memory can be very problematic, it can cause lots of performance issues. So for your best interest, you should clean the cache memory from time-to-time, to keep the app’s performance smooth. If you don’t want to do this job manually, get a cleaner app and use it to keep your phone clean of junk files.

1. Long tap on the Camera app and select App Info.

2. Go to the Storage and Cache menu.

3. Tap on the Clear Cache button.

Remove Background Apps

For the time bieng, if you are not currently using any other apps, stop them from running in the background. Simply launch the currently running apps menu, and remove the ones that are of no use. Once the unwanted applications are removed, restart your Android device.

Another best way of improving the camera performance is that you should ensure that no background downloading is done while you are clicking photos or creating videos.

Check System Updates

It’s always better to keep the firmware updated to the latest version. This would also help you in resolving all the critical errors faced in the downgraded version. Especially, when you are facing a problem with the device’s camera, it’s good to benefit from the updated firmware.

1. Connect your smartphone to the internet.

2. Launch the Settings app.

3. Navigate to the System >> System Updates.

4. When you are notified about a pending update, allow your system to install it.


Sometimes the default app keeps crashing and there’s nothing you can do to make them fully functional. In such a case scenario, you should perform some modifications and get the apps that have the same functionalities, but you have to install them manually.

Yes, I’m talking about the GCAM app which you can get from here. The app works similar to the default camera app and helps you claim all the good services for free. Because it is an alternate app that’s developed for Android devices, by Google.

Reset Google Pixel

Another piece of advice to make your Android device’s microphone alive-n-kicking is to perform a hard reset. This would delete and remove all the data from your Android phone. So before proceeding, be sure to create a backup of your important files.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Go to the About Phone section.

3. Tap on Factory Reset.

4. Hit Erase All Data.

Consult Google Community

If nothing seems to work out for you, it means that the problem is with the hardware. So it would be better to consult with the Google Community page and search for the query related to Camera app issues on Pixel 6 devices.

Because in this community, you will find geeks who are willing to help others and the ones who also faced such problems in the past, but are now able to fix this issue, with the help that came from the community center.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading ways to fix Camera Crashing on Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, at it’sDailyTech.

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