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How To Boost Internet Speed Using CMD


Most programs on Windows 10 require a healthy internet connection. Also, while playing high-end games, you would never want to face any lags due to a slow internet connection. So it would be best for you to understand How To Boost Internet Speed Using CMD. Because it’s the simplest way possible available for the convenience of internet users.

Most users avoid connecting their devices with slow internet hotspots. Because they can hugely affect their online experience and can also compromise their privacy. That’s why individuals always prefer to discover tricks to speed up their network’s speed. And gladly, I’ve come up with a bunch of tips/tricks to help such persons.

How Can I Boost Internet Speed Using CMD?

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The easiest way to Boost Internet Speed is through Command Prompt. Because this way, you are only required to execute simple commands to get the job done. There’s no need if implying any extra configuration steps and you can start enjoying the results right after the commands are successfully executed.

1. Winsock Reset

Usage of Network Sockets & LSP is to help your operating system set information to the righteous path. But when the bandwidth consumption increases, corruption can occur in such protocols. So it better to fix the errors before implying any tricks to speed up the internet.

speed up the internet

  • Press Windows + S keys to launch the search bar.
  • Type cmd in the search facility and select Run as administrator
  • Now execute the netsh winsock reset command.
  • Do remember to reboot your computer once the command is successfully executed.

2. FlushDNS

You may not be aware of this fact, every Windows OS stores the data of websites you visit, either weekly or monthly. So once the data of websites stored in your system’s cache exceeds, your internet connection starts to respond slowly. However, once you clear DNS in Windows 10, you’ll experience a little laziness on the internet. But it’s only temporary. Your system will speed up your network, once the DNS of variant websites are created.

  • Launch Command Prompt with admin privileges.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.
  • After getting Successfully flushed DNS Resolver Cache notification, close command prompt.

3. IP Address Release & Renew

Every device has a unique IP address that’s required to browse the internet. And visiting various websites, your IP address can be affected badly. So if the IP is affected by numerous malware, you’ll only encounter slow speed on the internet. To reflect any bad effects, you can easily reset your IP address to Boost Internet Speed.

Boost Internet Speed

  • Type ipconfig /release and press Enter.
  • Once a list of items appears on the interface of the command prompt, execute the ipconfig /renew command.

4. Use Netsh Command

Executing Netsh commands can be tricky due to some compatibility issues. Because sometimes you need to change the values from enabling to disable to bypass the bandwidth limitations. Sometimes Windows OS limits your browsing, so the built-in services can work properly.

So for your convenience, I’ve added a bunch of commands that you need to execute one by one. Please do run these commands, in the sequence in which they are written.

Boost Internet Speed Using CMD

  • netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
  • netsh int tcp set supplemental
  • netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global netdma=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled

After you have executed all the above-provided commands, you need to restart your computer. Once the system reboots, you’ll encounter extended speed in your internet connection.

5. Better Streaming

Some internet service providers don’t allow users to stream content in 4K or 8K due to the huge bandwidth consumption. So if you are only facing difficulty in streaming media, you can implement a simple workaround. You’ll be bypassing the network throttling using the following command:

How To Boost Internet Speed Using CMD

  • netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”StopThrottling” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading How To Boost Internet Speed Using CMD at itsDailyTech.

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