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Best VPNs For iPhone In 2022 – Safe, Secure, & Browse Anonymous


Privacy and security is the motto of Apple and the company is continuously working to provide a safe environment to all Apple products users. However, this tech giant has not developed its own VPN, so it is up to the users to get the best VPNs for iPhone.

VPNs Found On The Internet

Fortunately, the internet is entirely filled with millions of VPNs. Each VPN is unique in its own way and provides different functions and functionalities. However, the primary function of any VPN application is to keep the user safe and secure from prying eyes.

However, most VPNs found on the internet are fake or they don’t provide enough features to keep the user safe. So, the user has to be cautious before downloading a random VPN application from the internet. However, most users are going to visit the Apple App Store to search for the best VPN application.


Apples Strict Policy Regarding Apps In The Apple App Store

This is a good move by the user, as Apple has a very strict policy, regarding the Apps that are added to the Apple App Store. Because of this policy, 95 percent of fake apps have been removed from the Apple App Store. But developers are always looking for a loop hold to pass their app on the Apple platform.

Sometimes, a few fake apps get approval from the Apple Store. But these do not last long, within 2 to 7 days their apps get removed from the Apple platform. So, the best solution to protect yourself from any fake app is by checking the star rating and the reviews of the app on the Apple App Store.

Best VPNs For iPhone

What Is A VPN & What Makes The Best VPNs For iPhone?

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It allows the user to privately surf the internet, without anyone seeing the user’s online tracks. Moreover, a VPN can also convert a Public Network into a private network. So, users will have the option to connect to Public Wi-Fi with full security.

Moreover, while using a VPN all of the data send from your device and received on your device is fully encrypted. No one can see that information without the receiver’s permission. Even hackers and snoopers are unable to see this information, as it is hidden in plain sight.

What makes a VPN Best In Its Category?

There are three key points that make a VPN the best in its category. So, if any VPN is providing these three things, then it is one of the best VPN applications.

However, if you want to know if any VPN is in the top 100 or top 50, then check for the features. Apps with the most unique features, amazing functionality, and performance are added to the top 50 or top 100 list.

Here are those three key points, that you should check in a VPN application.

  1. Speed (Internet surfing speed)
  2. Security (100% anonymity)
  3. Support (24/7 support for any issues or errors)

2022 Top VPNs For iPhone

Following are the top VPN applications of all time. Moreover, all of the applications mentioned below are premium, so you have to pay for their services. However, the best thing is that all of the VPN applications are offering different free trial periods.


ExpressVPN (7-Days Free Trial)

Express is the top VPN on our list. This application is also on the 22 positions in the Productivity section. Moreover, ExpressVPN is one of the oldest tools in its category. The features and functions of this tool are top-notch.

Moreover, if you are a tech geek and want to learn all about ExpressVPN privacy policy, then go ahead read it, there is no hidden information that will hurt the user, as ExpressVPN offers full transparency.

Express VPN also offers great options for streams. This VPN can lock every single piece of content from streaming platforms. Watch your favorite show from the other part of the world without any hassle.

Moreover, user users can only connect up to 5 devices with the same ExpressVPN subscription. For home usage, this might be perfect, but if you are looking for a VPN app for your office or corporation, then ExpressVPN might not be the best choice.

Best VPNs For iPhone

Servers: This app is offering more than 3000 premium VPN fast Servers. These servers are located all around the world in 160 locations and 94 countries.

Encryption: Fully encrypt your network with the best encryption available on the internet. This encryption also helps in encryption public WiFi before converting it into a Private Network.

Privacy protection: Surf the internet freely as the IP Address of your device is hidden. Moreover, the location of your device is also set to private and the app doesn’t save any logs.

Languages: More than 17 popular languages are available to select from. English is selected by default.

Support: The customer service is available 24/7, users can easily Live chat with tech support or send an Email. With 24/7 live chat options, users can get help within seconds.

Unlocked Streaming platforms: With ExpressVPN the following streaming platforms are unlocked and users can access all of their content without any hassle.

  • Netflix
  • iPlayer
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • And Hulu

NordVPN (30-Days Free Trial)

Looking for a fast, smooth, and secure VPN. Then look no further NordVPN fulfill all requirements, that a user can demand from a VPN application. This VPN app protects your identity and data by keeping you anonymous when you are online and connected to the VPN Services.

This will protect your device and all of the data stored on it. Snoopers and hackers won’t be able to see your data as Nord VPN creates a secure tunnel from where your data is being sent or received.

Best VPNs For iPhone

If you love to work from a public space like Coffee shops or cafes, then you can use the NordVPN services to secure your internet connection. Most public spaces contain free Wi-Fi, and it is the main source for hackers or snoopers to connect with your device.

With NordVPN your online footprint will be hidden and hackers won’t be able to track your moment when you are online. Moreover, this app has the power to hide your location, and no one will be able to track you.

For advanced users, there is a separate section, which contains advanced tools that you need. Do you need extra security, try Double VPN and Obfuscated servers. Moreover, from the settings menu, you can custom set the DNS address, select specific internet protocols, also switch between NordLynx and OpenVPN VPN protocols.

Key Features

  • 5200 VPN servers.
  • Servers are located in 60 countries.
  • 3 steps configuration and installation.
  • One NordVPN account, connection with 6 devices.
  • Advanced features for advanced users.

Surfshark (7-Days Free Trial)

Everyone is looking for safety and security when they are looking for a VPN application. However, it takes time to understand the safety and security protocols. But if you get Surfshark VPN, then managing things won’t be a hassle for you.

Some of the most common functions and features of Surfshark that everyone loves to use are Hiding the IP address with a bogus one, Offering bank-grade encryption and security, Send – receive – save conditional or private information, Protection against DDoS – doxxing attacks (while gaming only), Provides extreme privacy and online security.

Best VPNs For iPhone

Key Features

  • Secure online identity.
  • Safe public Wi-Fi connection. (while using VPN services only)
  • No log policy (No data is saved by the app)
  • Hide your real location.
  • Protect up to 6 devices.
  • 24/7 Live support team.

ProtonVPN (Free & Premium)

ProtonVPN is an open-source VPN application that is secure and provides amazing features and functions. The free version and the premium version of this app do not have any ads or it does not record any information of the user. This app also has a strict no-log policy.

This app contains a total of 1400 fast servers however, all users don’t have access to them. If you are using the free version then you have the power to access only 20 to 25 fast servers. This figure increases with different subscription plans. There are four subscription plans that include

  1. Free (No Charges)
  2. Basic (4 euro monthly)
  3. Plus (8 euro monthly)
  4. visionary (24 euro monthly)

Best VPNs For iPhone

The ProtonVPN Plus offers the best services and features, with this subscription plan you can access 1300 servers across 63 countries. All of the servers offered are fast serves and the minimum speed provided by the server is up to 10MBPS.

Moreover, ProtonVPN is also offering Secure Core VPN, this service can reroute your traffic through multiple serves to protect the users from online attacks. Also, use Tor over VPN service, it reroutes your traffic through the Tor network with just a single click.


IPVanish is one of the oldest VPN services providing platforms. This app is available on multiple platforms and uses of every platform can easily take advantage of this VPN application. IPVanish offers many unique features and some help the user in many ways, without the user even noticing.

This app has the capability to automatically hide the IP address and encrypt the connection of your device. The privacy protection of this app is extraordinary and it protects the user from online advertisement, Network interferences, and Identity Theft. Moreover, this app also protects the data that you are sending online and even the data that is on your devices.

Best VPNs For iPhone

Advances IPVanish Features

  • Email Protection.
  • Protection from scamming instant messages.
  • Secure data transfer.
  • Protected browsing history.
  • Safe online banking.
  • 24/7 support via Live chat, phone, and Email.
  • Live chat can be accessed within the IPVanish app.
  • Unblock streaming sites like Youtube and iPlayer

Key Features

  • More than 1400 servers.
  • Access more than 40,000 shared IP Addresses.
  • 24/7 customers support.
  • Encryption protection (Military-grade)
  • AEC-256 strong encryption.
  • No Log policy.
  • Easy subscription plans.


Here you will find the Best VPNs For iPhone In 2022 – Safe, Secure, & Browse Anonymous. If you want us to include any VPN app on the list, then leave the name of the App in the comment section below. We will check the app and will run some tests, if it is good to go then, we will add it. Moreover, you can also ask questions relating to this topic, iOS, and iPad OS. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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