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5 Best Smartwatch­es for Women to buy in 2021


Smartwatches are becoming a strong competitor in the wristwatch game. In the world of Pateks, APs, Rolex, RMs, Hublots, Smartwatches have made their own recognition. Users are getting the luxury experience with medical meters, additional features at the 10% price of the aforementioned brands. For the first time ever, we think that Apple deserves the appreciation. They are the so-called innovator of Smartwatches. Also, they have the highest price tag in smartwatches by phone manufacturers.

Best Smartwatches for Women

In 2021, we have seen a massive increase in the craze of smartphones. The popularity graph is at its peak and the sales of smartwatches are increasing daily. Not just in men but the women are also in love with these. Most of the people in the smartwatches loving list are fitness freaks and entrepreneurs. As the watch is technology-based so the boys already what they should and what not!


5 Best Smart Watch­es for Women

Today we are enlisting the 5 best smartwatches for Women in 2021. We are trying to enhance the knowledge of Women regarding smartwatches to let them easily decide which smartwatch should a woman buy. Apart from Apple and Samsung, we are adding 3 other brands which you pretty girl will love.

1. Apple Watch Series 6

Probably the most popular smartwatch on this planet. Apple introduced the best smartwatch ever this year. The world is going crazy over it. Now every fifth iPhone user has an Apple Watch on his/her wrist. When it comes to medical technicalities, it is said that Apple Watch Series is the most accurate teller. You can buy it now from Apple.com, available in installments (Only in limited regions). Surely, one of the best smartwatches for women.

Drawback: There is 2 drawback of the watch according to our point of view.

  1. The watch is so expensive approximately double the price as compared to the second watch below.
  2. Watch hardly spends 24hours alive even once fully charged. Poorest battery timing in any smartwatch.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Well, the luxury minded people say Samsung can never be the Apple, But, Technology minded people say Apple can never be the Samsung. You are getting one of the most iconic smartwatches by the best innovator of smartphone in modern era. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is nearly half of the price compare to Apple. But, the features you are getting in Galaxy Watch 3 are equal to Apple. Only the Apple Logo is missing.

Best part of the Galaxy Watch is the tons of customizations. I means the Samsung offers the watch face thrice in quantity compare to Apple Watch. That’s the last watch based on Tizen OS, that’s why we recommend all women and men to buy it. Maybe it’s resale value will be more than the retail price in near future.

3. Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch

Fossil is not a smartwatch maker. They are famous for making low cost wrist watches from quite a long time. People who can’t buy Rolex, Hublot etc buy the fossil watches because they are the mid range luxury. I don’t think they don’t have a single watch that costs above 500$.

Fossil had manufactured a successful series of smart watches. For women, they made a beautiful watch by name of Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch. Looks like a rose gold smartwatch with best finishing.

There is a drawback in Fossil smart watches they are a bit slow. But, the Fossil are comparatively Cheaper which makes them worth to buy.

Garmin Lily Sport

Out of all these watches this is the only watch which we can say only a woman can wear. Garmin Lily Sport works as advertised and bundles all the basic features like pedometer, stress level monitoring as well as heartbeat monitoring. Moreover, users Garmin Lily Sport  tracks the period-tracking feature is advanced. This watch is packed in features related to pregnancy planning.

This smartwatch features a monochrome LCD touchscreen display. Lily doesn’t have always turn on display because it is . Instead, the whole screen goes off. The patterned glass keeps things interesting when the display goes off. We recommend Woman to buy Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch. Surely a Good choice from list of 5 Best Smart Watch­es for Women.

Fitbit Versa 3

In the world of fintess and gyming, fitbit is not needy of introductions. This brand is involved in many products that are related to health and fitess and there fitness band alike wristwatch is so much famous.

The watch is very cheap but despite the low price tag, the Versa 3 comes with built-in GPS and lets you track your locations during workouts. It is designed to track around 20 activities ranging from the basic walk to swimming.

Unlike the Garmin Lily, the Versa 3 packs an AMOLED screen. Colors appear rich and vibrant and can be clearly seen under harsh sunlight.

One aspect of this watch which all above 4 watches can’t give your jointly is the battery life. Fitbit can give you up to 6 days battery timing.

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