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There is always curiosity among users when they read “This account is private” on social media apps or websites like TikTok and Instagram.

If you want to see the content on that Private TikTok account, you need to submit follow request to that person. If he or she accepts your request then you can look at their reels and posts!

What if they don’t accept your request which is 80% true in all cases? They kept the account private for reasons if they don’t know you they will not accept the request.


Now the next question is how to view a private TikTok Account if the account holder didn’t accept your request. You can use a private tool.

Best Private TikTok Account Viewers

Here we are going to Enlist the Best apps that will let you view your Private TikTok Accounts. This is the top tool that will break the barrier between you and a private TikTok Account.


mSpy helps you in getting the details of other TikTok Accounts with ease. It never leaks your information and helps you in getting the desired details anonymously. In addition, you get to use this online tool’s services for free, without having to compromise your online privacy.

Best Private TikTok Account Viewers

While on the mSpy website, you are only asked to enter the TikTok Account of the targeted person. And for the standard details, you are not required to perform any additional steps. Though, if you want to download photos and videos from this Private TikTok Account, you will have to complete a short survey.


If you are willing to spy on Private TikTok Account, you should try uMobix. As the uMobix would allow you to acknowledge the details about the activities of your targeted TikTok Account. It will help you get details like activities on TikTok, followers, following, and Accounts with whom the targeted person had conversations.

Best Private TikTok Account Viewers

However, here’s the catch, you have to install the uMobix app on the targeted person’s mobile. Because only then you would be able to track his/her activities. Else, you won’t be allowed to access any private details.

View Private TikTok Accounts

View Private TikTok Accounts View Private TikTok Accounts is yet another easy-to-use private TikTok viewer. It allows one to search for a profiler by entering his username in the provided box. The website runs some searches and provides the asked information instantly. And, the website can be used on PC and mobile devices.

Private TikTok Viewer

Specifically for mobile, Private TikTok Viewer is the best option. This Private TikTok Viewer is available for Android and iOS devices. It can be used to collect information regarding private TikTok Accounts, without having to provide any verification. The Private TikTok Viewer is totally free to use and doesn’t put your private details in harm’s way.

To use Private TikTok Viewer, you are required to install the Private TikTok Viewer on your smartphone and launch it. Now, enter the username of the targeted Accounts and tap on the View Profile link to get the desired results. You will not be asked to take any surveys to take advantage of the Private TikTok Viewer services.


In case you are tired of the surveys and want to access the data from private TikTok Accounts, you should go with Brains. As this online tool wouldn’t ask you to take any surveys and allow you to download the requested data with ease.

Best Private TikTok Account Viewers

After visiting the Brainans all you are requested to do is to paste the URL of the desired media, that you would like to download. Depending upon the size of the downloadable file, you will be requested to wait until the download is completed.

Private TikTok

Private TikTok provides a detailed report on the targeted private TikTok Account. It delivers you every inch of data that you think might be interesting for you. You can get all the TikTok Account data like conversations, videos, and photos. And you will not be required to take any surveys to benefit from it.

Furthermore, you even get the contact number of the private TikTok Account. And even if that’s not enough for you, just allow Private TikTok to help you get the contact numbers of TikTok users, with whom that person had conversations in the past. So in my opinion, it’s one of the best Private TikTok Viewer apps.

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