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Best Photo Management Tools in 2022


The use of digital images is growing at a massive pace, and it is not stopping at all. A rough estimate stated that humanity would take 1.4 trillion photos in 2022. But the problem is, where do all of these photos go and how to store them and manage them? While managing, organizing, and storing their digital assets on the cloud is a good option for designers and businesses. But what about an average user who takes photos for fun and doesn’t have money to buy such expensive cloud plans. We have the best photo management tools they can use in 2022 and keep track of all their pictures for such people. 

Since with higher image quality comes the need for more storage. And not everyone can store lots of images on their mobile or laptop. Moreover, higher-quality images take more time to load if you put them on cloud storage. Thus, you need a photo manager that works offline as well. This is where the best photo management tools comes into play.

Why Do We Need these tools?

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The biggest reason we all need these tools is to keep track of where our pictures are. If you are an enthusiast who loves to take hundred of photos, then you’ll run out of space shortly. The reason why mobile phones, nowadays, have high storage capacity is that people store thousands of photos there. Back in the old days, people used memory cards, which are now replaced with cloud servers.

If you are into the photography business, surely you know how hard it is to catalog images. Despite the lightroom offering such service, it is still difficult to store the photos in a limited space. Thus these photo management tools are needed to keep and sort your media without any problem.

Best Photo Management Tools

Before going into the list, remember that some of these tools are paid, and some are free. Try the trial version before purchasing the tool, so you know what you are buying. Without further ado, let’s continue to see the best photo managing software list.

Magix Photo Manager

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional

This photo manager is highly a good tool (made by MAGIX), and its availability is for Windows only (integrating a category of Designs & Photography; via subcategory Catalogues). This tool helps you organize and optimize your images and videos easily. This tool helps you easily rediscover your videos by browsing, sorting them with comfort, and with the help of this, you can breathe your life with more beautiful & amazing moments. Also, this tool helps you to make and share your moments again and again. This manager has a good rating though used mainly by professionals in building materials. This tool is for free and for home use. 

However, this tool has facial recognition built-in, indicating their sorting makes a picture look like a real one, and a shot picked seems so prominent. This tool helps you to enlarge your collections (photos and videos). 

Photo Organizer By Systweak


This tool is made by SYSTWEAK (available for Windows only) and is used to organize photos, making them clutter-free. This tool is so easy to utilize (free of cost))) and so emphatic to do your task. This tool works smartly by arranging and maintaining them (based on metadata). This tool automatically erases duplicate images and saves free space for a disk. Also, it makes easy access to images. This tool instantly scans the whole PC and places the images in the right place.

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However, this tool provides hassle-free access to the images without searching them all over the PC; hence, this saves time without making any effort. This tool’s best part is that it can also revert photos anywhere anytime. This tool helps you process files quickly to remain focused and boost productivity.

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge

This creative and powerful tool is made by Adobe Inc. Also, this tool is free of cost and hence is a digital manager that manages and helps you to organize, edit and publish more easily and instantly. It centralizes your creative work or images. Well, it also organizes assets via powerful filters and advanced features (metadata). Hence, new features were then added to this tool, when releasing them Creative cloud members get these features. It also organizes assets via labels, ratings & keywords. 

However, it is a companion program that works with every app in Creative Suite (or Adobe Creative Cloud). It also provides industry-leading photo editing and you can also export your images (via several sizes & scale options). It creates professional-looking portfolios of photos and also manages InDesign files and illustrator files.

Google Photos


It is created by Google in May 2015. It is a platform where photos and videos are automatically organized and also, they are easy to share with your friends and family. It also includes essential features e.g., automatic creations, shared albums, or an advanced settings suite. It also has 15GB of free space and also, you have an option of an automatic backup system of photos and videos (either in HD quality or Original quality). This tool has easy access which can be done via any connected device or either on photos.google.com.

However, there are also smart automatic albums that can automatically create a new album when a new event occurs, and also, you can invite others to add their pictures. It is an easy-to-use tool and there is proper security of your privacy. 

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional

This tool provides you access to inspirational tools which change the world for you of your preferences. It also introduces various tools like Media Mode (time-saving) which helps you to coordinate with a photo database (ACDSee), People Mode (Al-engine) which puts a name to a face. It also helps you to improve Pixel Targeting, Tone Curves and hence, also make your command of noise reduction sharper.

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Moreover, this tool also offers a batch resize option which helps you to resize the images of your choice. It also has a compatibility option that provides you with extensive color management. This tool also has a batch rename option which is an efficient & quick process of renaming numerous files.


There are the guys, the list of best photo management tools in 2022. Start the year by taking a lot of images, which you sure have since there were fireworks last night, and save them using these tools. All of them are unique and offer something different than others. Be sure to go through all of them and see which one suits you the best. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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