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11 Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows [2022]

  • PC Cleaner Software is designed to help users keep their systems protected and clean of junk files.
  • There are utilities that offer various facilities to make it easier to keep the system optimized.
  • So here, I have added a list of the 11 Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows to help you speed up your device’s performance.

Best PC Cleaner Software

List of Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows OS

Disk Cleanup

The disk cleanup is one of the best disk management utilities that help to clean and optimize your PC. It’s a native PC optimization facility that cleans up the unwanted files from his hard drive, which is taking all your valuable space.Disk Cleanup for Windows

One thing that you should be aware of Disk Cleanup is that it’s specifically available for Windows 8, 8.1, and 7 versions. However, if you are intrigued enough by this facility, you can also avail of its benefits on your Windows 11 or 10 PC.


To launch Disk Cleanup on your PC, you can use the search bar and open it using the start menu. Once you have launched it, you can then start to remove junk files, thumbnails, unwanted OS data, and clear recycle bin.

Storage Sense

With Storage Sense, you can organize your files better. This software makes it easy to find anything you have stored on a computer system and to locate any important or desired file. The program also helps people in several ways that are not obvious at first glance.Storage Sense on Windows PC

Storage Sense is a also default service by Microsoft, but it’s only available on Windows 11 and 10 versions. So if you are not happy with the services provided by Disk Cleanup, you can benefit from this native facility.

To launch Storage Sense, launch the Windows Settings and go to System → Storage. Now, from the right-pane, click on the “Configure Storage Sense or run it now” link and on the next interface, enable the “Storage Sense” toggle.

Avast Cleanup

Avast Antivirus is a comprehensive security program that protects your personal computer, tablet, or mobile device against malware, viruses, phishing attacks, or online fraud. As an additional protection tool, Avast Cleanup Software can be installed in the background to remove any traces of your browsing history on your PC.Avast Cleanup for Windows

But other than clearing the browsing data, Avast Cleanup provides lots of PC optimization services. It can clear junk files and bloatware, enables Sleep Mode to help you save power consumption, and clear registry junk files.

The reason why Avast Cleanup is famous is that it is no doubt developed by one of the tech giants, and it’s reliable and easy to use. However, it’s a little pricey, but a good choice for users for whom money isn’t a big concern.


CCleaner is a powerful tool that keeps your computer running at peak performance. It gets rid of junk, cleans out your PC, and makes it work faster. Most importantly, it protects your privacy online by cleaning out cookies, web histories, and more to protect you from identity theft.CCleaner for Windows

But one should be aware of the fact that CCleaner monitors a user’s activities, it does that to provide a better optimization solution, but some people are not happy having an eye that’s watching them 24/7.

The online monitoring can be disabled from the settings. I’m recommending this software because it contains services that are not available in most of the Cleaner apps. For instance, users can wipe the whole hard drive, put exceptions of folders that you want CCleaner to mess with, enable automatic updates, and even select what kinds of files should be deleted while CCleaner is under process.

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is a comprehensive PC protection and performance enhancement software for Windows OS. It helps to protect your PC from being damaged by viruses, spyware, and adware. The program also cleans junk files, fix system errors, and optimizes internet connections, which results in overall computer speedup.Advanced SystemCare for Windows

It’s a full PC optimization tool because it also detects outdated drivers and allows a user to update them directly from the program’s interface. And gives you the right solution to enhance your system’s RAM performance.

The software can also help you clear your browser cookies and assist you in scheduling a system shutdown according to your preferences. So it can be called the best PC Optimization software for gaming and video editing.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is the best-selling Windows system optimization tool in Germany. It helps you to get the most out of your computer and protect your privacy by cleaning up junk files, fixing bugs and errors, maintaining a healthy registry, optimizing Internet connection speed, boosting PC performance, and more.Ashampoo WinOptimizer for Windows

It optimizes your computer’s performance by using more than twenty tools, such as cleaning up temporary files, removing duplicate files, and fixing broken shortcuts. The program also cleans a number of junk files from your system in order to regain lost disk space.

If you are ok with using the free version of Ashampoo WinOptimizer, you will not be required to register for an account, instead, you will be taken directly to the program’s interface. At first, you will be provided with the details of your system, so you can command Ashampoo WinOptimizer to perform nesscary operations to optimize it.

AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp is software that automatically optimizes your PC performance and protects it from crashes. It does system scans, cleans disk space, fixes registry errors, updates drivers, and more.AVG TuneUp for Windows

The unique feature of AVG TuneUp is that it allows you to stop all the system’s background processes. It can really help you fasten the processing speed of your system, so you can play online or high-end games on your computer.

Other than that, AVG TuneUp comes with all the basic services that you would want from a PC optimization utility. It can clean your system of junk files and help you keep your cache memory cleaned up.


BleachBit is a powerful, free disk space cleaner and a privacy protector. BleachBit quickly frees disk space and tirelessly guards your privacy. Free cache, delete cookies, clear Internet history, shred temporary files, delete logs, and discard junk you didn’t know was there.

The software is open-source and comes with good services that anyone can claim to speed up the PC performance. And it can be used for various purposes like clearing browsing data and the system’s cache.

The interface of BleachBit is quite dull, but it can do the job of cleaning your system’s drive of all the junk files. And before cleaning your system, you can also preview what sort of files will be deleted once the process is completed.


Restoro Software is one of the most widely used online payroll software solutions on the market today. The Restoro team has worked hard to grow a loyal customer base by focusing on delivering an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based software solution. One of the ways that Restoro does this is by making its SaaS (software as a service) platform available on all major devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Macs, and PCs.Restoro for Windows

It’s a modern add-on for the traditional backup solution. It was designed to be an easy and secure way of saving your data. With Restoro, you can back up all computer data in one click. It will then automatically sync your backup with Dropbox or Google Drive.

Further, it also allows users to fix issues encountered on their system. It has a built-in ability to fix some DLL file errors, update the outdated drivers, update pending system updates, and clear space whenever required.

Avira System Speedup

System Speedup is a reputable and safe optimization tool that allows you to clean up your PC. It fixes registry errors, removes unused files from the system, and deletes invalid shortcuts from the computer.System Speedup for Windows

This tool also cleans traces of your online activities such as temporary cookies and browsing history. When you use System Speedup on a regular basis, it will help keep your PC functioning at peak performance level by preventing issues before they occur.

I have used System Speedup from Avira and I can see that it has improved my laptop performance a lot. Before installing this software, my laptop was really slow but after using it for some days, it worked so fast.

Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair is an easy-to-use tool that lets you keep your computer in top shape. This software contains a number of different tools that can help you repair and maintain the performance of your computer. It will allow you to perform the main tasks such as clean up, speed up, backup, recovery, etc.Outbyte PC Repair for Windows

It’s a one-stop solution for all your PC problems. It can fix any kind of problem related to your system and boost the overall performance of your computer and make it run like new again.

Some unique facilities of Outbyte PC Repair are enhanced privacy and processes prioritizing. With such facilities enabled, users can disable unwanted applications and protect their privacy by keeping the monitoring tools disabled.

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