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Best NBA 2K23 Badges: [Finishing, Playmaking, Defensive, & Shooting Badges]

  • NBA 2K23 badges give special abilities and benefits to players.
  • Four kinds of badges are available including Finishing, Playmaking, Defensive, and Shooting Badges.
  • I will discuss the list of Best NBA 2K23 Badges with Tier 1, 2, and 3.

In NBA 2K23, everyone’s after finding the right attributes and advantages of becoming the strongest team possible. And that’s for sure only possible if you know the beeps and bells of the game. You should be aware of the right jump shots and the right badges, that can help you improve your player’s performance.

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However, there are four levels of badges, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame. The more you move forward on the journey of becoming a famous hooper, the more chances you have of getting the right NBA 2K23 badge for yourself. That’s why, I’ve compiled a list of badges, to help you get your favorite badge, as per your requirements.


Best Finishing Badges in NBA 2K23

The Best Finishing NBA 2K23 Badges are Limitless Takeoff, Posterizer, Fearless Finisher, Pro Touch, Giant Slayer, and Aerial Wizard.

Limitless Takeoff (Tier 3)

A good finishing badge that helps you in making a dunk from further. With its help, players can start their dunk attempts from farther out than others.

Best Finishing Badges in NBA 2K23

Posterizer (Tier 3)

To help you make a dunk with more people’s heads without having to face any limits. It increases the chances of throwing a dunk on the defender.

Posterizer 2K23

Fearless Finisher (Tier 2)

By providing a good synergizing with pro touch, it allows you to strengthen your ability to absorb contact and still finish. Also, helps you in keeping a good energy level of your player.

Fearless Finisher 2K23

Pro Touch (Tier 2)

If you have enabled Layup timing, you get a boost on your layups. It synergizes with the Fearless Finisher, allowing you to make layups without the risk of energy waste of your player.

Pro Touch 2K23

Giant Slayer (Tier 1)

For short players, it gives a boost for layups while meeting a taller opponent. It helps you in avoiding any blocks, caused by the taller players while you try to layup.

Giant Slayer 2K23

Aerial Wizard (Tier 1)

In Aerial Wizard, you get two badges in 1. It increases your ability to finish an alley-oop from a teammate. Also, allow you to put back and finish off an offensive rebound.

Aerial Wizard 2K23

Best Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K23

The Best Playmaking NBA 2K23 Badges are Handles For Days, Killer Combos, Quick First Step, Unpluckable, Ankle Breaker, and Special Delivery.

Handles For Days (Tier 3)

Helps you keep up with your energy and doesn’t allow the game to juice out your health. Eveperiodaking combos for a longer period of time.

Best Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K23

Killer Combos (Tier 3)

Similar to Quick Chain in NBA 2K22, it improves a player’s ability to chain together efficient dribble moves when sizing up their opponent.

Killer Combos 2K23

Quick First Step (Tier 2)

Allowing players to go faster, when driving out of triple threat or after a size-up, ball handlers have access to more effective launches.

Quick First Step 2K23

Unpluckable (Tier 2)

To allow players to protect themselves from high steal, made specifically for defenders who are having a tougher time poking the ball free with their steal attempts.

Unpluckable 2K23

Ankle Breaker (Tier 1)

A very important badge in NBA 2K23 is Ankle Breaker. It is available to help players in situations like when performing stepbacks and other certain moves, the defender stumbles or fails more frequently when biting the wrong way.

Ankle Breaker 2K23

Special Delivery (Tier 1)

With two badges in 1, Special Delivery increases alley-oop throw success and shot chance for receivers after a flashy pass. Additionally, it enables the ability to throw alley-oops off the backboard.

Special Delivery 2K23

Best Defense/Rebounding Badges in NBA 2K23

The Best Defense/Rebounding NBA 2K23 Badges are Clamps, Glove, Pick Dodger, Ankle Braces, Anchor, and Brick Wall.

Clamps (Tier 3)

A defensive badge with a good bump animation score. It made for Defenders to have access to quicker cut-off moves and are more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler.

Best Defensive Badges in NBA 2K23

Glove (Tier 3)

For stealing basketball easily, Glove increases the ability to successfully steal from ball-handlers.

Glove 2K23

Pick Dodger (Tier 2)

Best choice for Hall of Fame level, Pick Dodger improves a player’s ability to navigate through and around screens while on defense. At the Hall of Fame level, can blow up screens in the park or blacktop.

Pick Dodger 2K23

Ankle Braces (Tier 2)

To keep up safe gameplay, Ankle Braces lower the likelihood of getting ankle-broken by opposing dribble moves.

Ankle Braces 2K23

Anchor (Tier 1)

Best known for blocking shots, Anchor increases a player’s ability to block shots and protect the rim at a high level.

Anchor 2K23

Brick Wall (Tier 1)

With 3 abilities in 1 badge, Brick Wall increases the effectiveness of screens is tough to back down in the post and drains energy from opponents on physical contact.

Brick Wall 2K23

Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K23

The Best Shooting NBA 2K23 Badges are Agent 3, Limitless Range, Blinders, Claymore, Amped, and Guard Up.

Agent 3 (Tier 3)

For convenience in fading and dribbling, Agent 3 improves the ability to make pull-up or spin shots from three-point range.

Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K23

Limitless Range (Tier 3)

Limitless Range extends the range from which a player can shoot three-pointers effectively from deep. A player should use it with the Agent 3 badge.

Limitless Range 2K23

Blinders (Tier 3)

To make an S-Tier badge in 2K23, a player should use Agent 3, Limitless Range, and Blinders, together. As Blinders would help them in lowering their penalty after making a jump shot with a defender.

Blinders 2K23

Claymore (Tier 1)

Another S-Tier badge is Clymore because it increases your ability to knock down perimeter shots when spotting up patiently.

Claymore 2K23

Amped (Tier 2)

For players who are not used to Adrenaline boosts, Amped reduces the penalty that fatigue has on a player and their ability to make shots.

Amped 2K23

Guard Up (Tier 1)

Guard Up increases the ability to make jump shots when defenders fail to properly contest. It’s a good shooting badge to have in NBA 2K23.

Guard Up 2K23

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